I was raised in the rurals of Michigan. Love to make people happy and listen to their stories. I enjoy traveling, learning new things, and playing music. I really shine when I get to make custom illustrative ladies/peoples, animals, foliage, scenic landscapes, and horror, metal, witchy, or occultist imagery. Love black and grey and dot work, as well as good color theory, I would love to do more gentle monsters, or creatures who look evil but are really just doing their thing. (Remember the Men in Black scene where Will Smith doesn't shoot the aliens?) Let's do stuff like that! It's easy to make assumptions if you don't take time to understand. My hope is that these future pieces can start a discussion towards more understanding and acceptance. If that interests you book a consult with me!

Travel Dates

Paradise Tattoo Gathering

10.11.18 - 10.14.18 Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort Hancock, MA