Postcards out, and more artists and tattoos!

First round of postcards have gone out! People who have signed up for the street team and attending artists will be getting stacks to pass out and help spread the word. Because this is the first year, every bit of help is really appreciated! We have also added some more custom tattoo artists to the confirmed list. We would also like to thank all the artists who are expressing interest in working the show. Right now all the booths spaces have people penciled in, and we are adding people as they accept (or pass for this year) and as we can fit time in to work on the convention. Feel free to contact us to express interest in working the show, but keep in mind the invite list was made months and months ago and many folks on it have very busy schedules. So while confirmations will come in for the next few months, the show is all sold out this year for all intents and purposes. Your best bet for getting in next year will be to buy tickets in advance and to attend to help insure the event is a success so we can do it again(ha!). While here get a brutal critique and attend a seminar or two to kick yer game up. Also if you read this far, any artist who mentions this news item and buys an artist weekend pass good for all the discussion panels and a few seminars will get a free TattooNOW membership until the convention. That way you can get a deep deep discount and upload your work for 10 months and many of the convention attendees will be familiar with your portfolio. Thanks again for all the support!