Pulse tattoo machine workshop confirmed!

Ever had a machine running great, and it just stopped working? Have a machine that overheats? Do you have a machine that skips, or isnít consistent? Have you built or designed your own machine and need a critique? Weíve had all those things happen, and over the years we have found some successful fixes, tips and tricks to help your machines run better.Ē Come join the build team from Pulse International Ė Alex Benoit, Brett Bryan and Tim Brewer. Between them they have built and rebuilt thousands of machines. Their machines and products are used through out the world and are highly regarded. Let them help diagnose your machine problem. Please feel free to join them Sunday for a free diagnostic check of your machine. The team will be available to answer your tattoo machine questions and test and trouble shoot problems you are having. You are welcome to bring any make or style of machine. This workshop will be fun and informative. Limit one machine evaluation per client. There will be no charge for this workshop.