Nick Baxter and Dan Henk Oil Painting Seminar sign-up open!

October 25, 2008 : 1-4
$250 ($25 Deposit will be charged to secure your slot.)
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Dan Henk and Nick Baxter will present a hands-on oil painting seminar at the Paradise Tattoo Gathering on Saturday October 25th. The course will run from 1 to 4 pm and will cost $250. Due to time restraints, some basic knowledge of oil painting is encouraged.

Although recommended for at least the intermediary, anyone from a beginner to an expert is welcome to participate.

This is a learn at your own pace seminar that includes everything from a very brief overview on the basics of oil paint, to medium tricks and even artistic rules and hints.

The seminar is basically broken into two parts. The first part involves a brief lecture on the medium and project at hand, followed by a question and answer section. All of this is fairly short, and meant to be more of a refresher course than an in depth introduction.

At the end of this portion, everyone will have a picture taken with a Polaroid. The Polaroid can be of one's self, or any other easily paintable scene suggested by the attendee.

The second portion involves each individual beginning an oil painting of the subject in the photo. Nick Baxter and Dan Henk will encompass the room, giving each individual encouragement and advice as they work to complete their projects.

The goal is to help each attendee progress with the medium. Paintings aren't necessarily expected to be finished in the 2 1/2 hour seminar, but new techniques and approaches, as well as general art advice, will be dispensed by Dan and Nick.

The approach is a bit akin to an art class, with a little more hands on feel in regards to personal attention.
The relatively short
time is taken into account, and hopefully everyone will leave with something new that advances his or her personal ability.

A canvas is provided, and basic art materials (10 tubes of oil paint, five paint brushes, alkyd medium, terpenoid and a temporary palette).

Individuals are encouraged to bring their own art supplies as well, if they have them.