All Tattooing Seminars Confirmed, its Time to Register!

Jeff Gogue has confirmed that he will be teaching his "Gut Level Tattooing" seminar at the Paradise Tattoo Gathering on Sunday rounding out the other amazing seminars being held that weekend! Its time to register for the seminars you are interested in taking to insure you get in. We have sold a lot of artist weekend passes, so it cant hurt to sign up for the seminars before the convention.

Joe Capobianco is kicking it off Friday from 5-8 with his "Dirty Little Secrets" Seminar. Joe is giving a very generous deal to artists with weekend passes, and knocking a hundred bucks off the registration fee! Register in advance at http://www.joecapobianco.com/Tattoo-Seminars//p>

Saturday from 1-4 Nick Baxter and Dan Henk will lead a painting workshop. Everyone will get a set of supplies and actually paint while Nick and Dan walk around giving out personalized tips, pointers, and secrets. Because we need to buy supplies, registering in advance is very necessary! http://www.tattoogathering.com/Paradise-Tattoo-Gathering-Tickets/item2735.html/p>

Mike Devries will be teaching his Realist Tattooing seminar from 9-11 after Saturday's tattooing is done. This is a 2 hour seminar with Mike DeVries discussing his approach and all aspects of tattooing color Portraits and Animals,from the stencil to the final stages,the color theory and technique behind it, Q&A and much more... To pre-register and insure entry, call MD Tattoos at (818) 700-2818/p>

Insuring everyone leaves inspired, Jeff Gogue will teach his Gut Level Tattooing Seminar on Sunday from 12-4. This is a three hour tattooing seminar with a bonus hour devoted to oil painting tips and techniques for any and all attendees. A full color hardbound book will be provided - bring materials for taking notes. http://www.tattoogathering.com/Paradise-Tattoo-Gathering-Tickets/item2783.html

And last, but actually first, if you havnt taken the Health Educators Bloodbourne Pathogens class yet, you should make time on Thursday from 12-5. Kris Lachance will teach you the very latest and greatest health and safety concerns for the tattoo industry. Call (517) 281-7959 to reserve your spot! We have also updated the list of Discussion Panels and workshops that are available to all artist pass holders. The weekend is shaping up quite nicely and we expect everyone to leave with tasty food for thought. Thanks to all the artists for coming out to support this show, you will not be let down!