Tattoo Gathering is next week!

After a years worth of hustling and promoting, the Paradise Tattoo Gathering is literally next week! We have checked off most of our list and are anticipating a smooth event due to the amazing help he have onboard, and overwhelming support of the tattoo community. Many amazing artists are pitching in and it is quite inspiring to see how the discussion forums, workshops, seminars, and artist list have come togther. We set out to match serious tattoo artists looking to better themselves and tattoo collectors who really care for the art with forward thinking custom tattoo artists hell bent on pushing their art-form and it seems like there are enough of you out there to make this event a success even in the middle of the Berkshire foothills. You have sold out Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort, and hopefully the neighboring Berkshire Vacation Village soon! Tattoo Artists will be traveling from as far away as Bejing, China and some of the other international guests have already arrived stateside. Many tattoo artists have a lot of appointments booked, but even though all signs are pointing thumbs up this is our first year and we can still use all the help and support we can get to make the event a success. If you dont mind, post up our banner or video on yer blog or bulletins, email your list, let your friends know about the convention, your co-workers, every bit of word of mouth helps, and if we can pull it off the first time maybe we will get a chance to improve the show next year. There are a million tattoo conventions each weekend and we really appreciate you supporting the Tattoo Gathering, we cant thank the artists working and attending enough. But we will try! thanks again, gabe PS TattooNOW will run a "double your money" special at the gathering. For every dollar you spend with TattooNOW, we will give you $2 of credit! Not good for past bills, but certainly good for any future websites, multimedia, advertising, or monthly fees. Contact us at (413) 585-9134 for more details.