Success! Thanks, and send us your Documentation!

Wow, where to start. The Paradise Tattoo Gathering was a near complete success. The focus on responsible education for tattoo artists, the quality of personable artists tattooing and attending the show, the quality of tattoo collector getting tattooed, and the resort location itself all came together to create a unique weekend of tattooing that hopefully wont be forgotten too soon. It hit me half way through the weekend that not only were people learning tips, tricks, and all about what tattooing has to offer, they were also learning that giving back responsibly is how we all get ahead together. From the feedback we have received, nearly everyone had a great time and is eager to do it again. Indeed, each success is really just a new start and we are happy to take any constructive criticism or ideas about what you would like to see in the future, and we are excited to work hard to kick it up a notch at least one more time. We are settling dates as we speak. We have a few pages of notes of things to improve, feel free to send more! If you have any photos or digital videos, or any sort of documentation of the gathering, please contact us. Keep checking back for dates, the resort sold out pretty fast last year, and rooms will go quicker next time. The website will be updated a few times a week with new tattoos, news, and videos. The online tattoo gathering is 24/7! Rumors of a DVD have been heard too, we will know more next week. So, we thanked everyone before the event, now that the gathering has been a success, one more round are deserved. Thanks to everyone at Jiminy Peak, they were awesome, very helpful, and we cant thank them enough for hosting everyone. The smoothness of the event was insured by Durb and Tony of Hell City fame, Mike, Steve, and Khalil fixed the problems throughout the weekend, Jeff Solin for being on the mic and competitions, Mary for the smooth checkin and admissions process, all the working artists were simply amazing and the collectors, fellow artists, and health department had nothing but nice things to say about the professionalism of the working artists. Special thanks to the artists who took part in the discussion panels, taught seminars, critiqued work (Extra thanks to Joe and Durb!!!), and to the machine builders for their workshops. Joe created a great witch and Brett from Pulse did a great job on the design direction which made everything look great. Thanks to the artists who came from all over to learn - in doing so you insured the events success. We are happy to be able to work hard for you guys and gals next year. Thanks to Skin Deep and Total Tattoo from the UK, and to Tattoo Savage and Prick Magazine for coming out and covering the event. Thanks to Allysa Burnelli for taking photos for the gathering. Thanks to my wife and kid who were able to share my time with a zillion other people after not seeing me for a week and pulled a few running shifts themselves (thanks!!!), Mike the Uploader for uploading photos throughout the weekend (and before and after!), Louie and Shad, Rachel, Susie, Sandi, all the others who covered for a day and those who offered to help even though things were all set (please come back next year, we might need ya!). And to our very patient TattooNOW clients, we're hammering through our list as we speak, we cant thank you enough either. Ok, theres a server calling my name, once we button a few things up we will be announcing more about next year. Thanks again, see ya at Hell City. gabe