Dan Dos Santos Class supply List!

For those planning on taking Dan Dos Santos three day intensive workshop, here is the supply list! There are still openings for the seminar, so if your an artist attending the show, pick up your supplies and get to this workshop!! SUPPLIES: To gain the most from the class, it is advised that you work in as similar a method to me as possible. By doing so, I can help you easier, and you are more likely to achieve similar results to my own work. Of course, media is a personal preference, and you are welcome to use whatever materials you see fit. I am not experienced in all media, but the underlying theories we will be dealing with should be applicable to all materials. Further more, if you chose to, you may simply spectate during the class; participation is advised but not required. Below is my minimum requirement of materials needed to create a painting typical of my professional work. SURFACE: 20x30 inch; Strathmore 500 series Illustration Board; 20 ply (may be cut down to size). To prepare, apply 3 coats of diluted gesso to each side, alternating sides between coats. Gesso should be diluted to the consistency of heavy cream. Allow coat to fully dry before flipping over. http://www.dickblick.com/products/strathmore-500-series-cold-press-illustration-board/ PAINTS: Again, you are free to use type of paint in the class, but all demonstrations will be conducted in oils. I primarily use Rembrandt brand oil paints, but a few colors are unavailable in the brand. For those, I use Windsor & Newton. The asterisk denotes those colors which I find are absolutely necessary. The other colors are highly recommended, but optional. OIL PAINTS: Alizarin Crimson *** Rose Madder Cadmium Red Medium *** Cadmium Yellow Medium *** Cadmium Yellow Light *** Indian Yellow Yellow Ochre Light Yellow Ochre *** Transparent Red Oxide Burnt Umber Permanent Yellowish Green *** Sap Green *** Viridian Green Manganese Blue Phthalo *** Ultramarine Blue Light *** Phthalo Turquoise Blue Raw Umber *** Ivory Black *** Titanium White *** ACRYLIC PAINT: Burnt Umber *** Indian Yellow Magenta red Cyan Blue MEDIUM: A medium is that which you mix with your paint to alter it's properties. My medium consists of: 1 part refined Linseed Oil 1 part odorless Turpenoid *** About 5 drops of Cobalt Drier (mix together in a baby food sized jar) BRUSHES: I use a variety of brushes, but the most important are large flat bristle brushes, and synthetic filberts in all sizes. PALETTE: I typically use a wood palette, but for the purpose of this class, a large disposable palette will do. An airtight box to store the palette in is highly recommended. MISCELLANEOUS: Paper Towels or Rags *** Sketchbook *** Pencil *** Eraser *** Krylon Workable Fixative *** 2 blank CDs or a flash drive *** Supply box Laptop Drawing tablet Digital Camera *** IF YOU KNOW SOMEONE ELSE ATTENDING THE CLASS, I RECOMMEND SHARING SUPPLIES SINCE YOU WILL ONLY NEED A SMALL AMOUNT OF EACH OF THESE MATERIALS. OF COURSE, SURFACES, PALETTES, AND BRUSHES ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO SHARE. *** SYLLABUS: DAY 1: Theory, Concepts, Model Shoot, Drawing DAY 2: Drawing, Underpainting, Painting DAY 3: Painting, Scanning, Digital Adjustments To see an overview of the process we will be exploring, I recommend reviewing the tutorials found here: moon_called_how_to.pdf implied_tutorial.zip www.dandossantos.com