One month away, artists, sign up quick!

owl paintingOne month away! Well, we have just over 90 artists signed up for the Paradise Artist Retreat, which starts one month from now! The first 100 artists registered get free admission to the opening party on Thursday, after the 100 the event will cost an extra 25 beans, so register today! This event is perfect ofr tattooers looking to gain knowledge and inspiration, as well as apprentices, apprentice wannabes, and even artists who have no interest in tattooing, but want to take part in the group art creation extravaganza! Also, book your rooms, and get on the shuttle asap! Owl painting by Bez.

The list of registered artists include Guy Aitchison, Shawn Barber, Nick Baxter, Chris Dingwell, Dana Helmuth, Bez, Ivy Gowen, Joshua Ruff, Nadine mitchell, Kevin Bledsoe, seth mushrush, Dragon Lily Tattoo, derek brown, robert medick, Erik Campbell, damon conklin, Gerald Thomas, Jason Swanson, john chamberlin, Art Root jr., Kim White, Alisha Morgan, Ariel Robinson, Anna Michener, Brian Norwalk, Juliette Hannan, Juliette Hannan, Ryan Thompson, Russell Fisch, Brian Taylor, Amy Nicholls, Philip Robertson, Alisha Morgan, Sorin Gabor, John Garancheski, David Allen, Jay Strange, steve Peace, jen lowery, Mary Muscarella, Russell Abbott, Joseph Pasternak, timothy warner, Robert Ward, Caroline Evans, Larry Brogan, Josh Reynolds, Tony Mancia, Tee Jay, Orrin Hurley, Christian Perez, Dee Dee Seruga, TY McEwen, Marvin Silva, Nathan Kostechko, K.E. McEvoy, steve moore, Derek Harrison, Bili Vegas, cameron miller, Benjamin Duarte, stephen dasti, shelldon bowers, Diego gonzalez, LIZI SAGE JIM GAMBELL, Robert Hendrickson, Josh Fields, Caryl Cunningham, Caryl Cunningham, Kenneth Bliss, Adam Forero, Matthew Hays, Thaddeus Minnick, Will Gonzalez, Shawn Williams, JUAN SALGADO, kimberly reed, gianluca fascetto, Ron Mor, Jessica Lange, Morgan Haberle, Sigrun Hornberger, Amanda Allen, Michael Williams, Jeff Johnson, Kelly Doty, Chloe Vanessa, Ben Reigle, Tim Senecal, Marc Blanchard, Hector Cedillo, Ivana, and mike cannistraro. thanks to all the artists coming out, this event will be very special!


painting above by canman.