More inspiring than ever!!!

Once again its time to thank all the artists who came out to the Paradise Artist Retreat last weekend to create a truely magical experiance. This is the third year artists from all over the world traveled out to Jiminy Peak for four days of learning and art creation, only this time the focus wasnt on tattooing the clients, but on the artists, their personal visions, networking, good times, and alpine sliding, of course. Watching over a hundred artists create and learn together was truly inspiring, and while the buzz of tattoo machines is familiar, the sound of 80 completely focused artists figure drawing simply amazing.

The Tattoo Gathering is a very relaxed time, but taking away the stress of tattooing allowed everyone to focus on their art, creating new, and rekindling old friendships. In the past, many artists would compliment the Tattoo Gathering as a reminder of the tattoo conventions of the past, and while thats an incredible compliment we hope to keep up, what happened last weekend seemed to really break new ground for the future, at least for me. While its an honor to have the oppertunity to tattoo peoples skins, without the stress of tattooing artists we're really able to focus on the other very important parts of tattoo conventions: the sharing, the camaraderie, the learning, the teaching, and the vision. Without the blood. You betcha we will be doing it again. Cant happen soon enough. Be on the lookout for updates soon.


But before planning more retreats and before diving right back into the Tattoo Gathering, I need to finish thanking folks for the retreat. Thanks to Guy and Michelle, without whom we would have really taken a full year off of the show, and without whom we never would have had the balls to remove tattooing from a tattoo event. Shawn Barber was a working machine all weekend, and his influence on the tattoo world is just getting started. His brutal honesty and dedication to art makes him unstoppable. Chris Dingwell was also extremely generous with his time, helping many artists all weekend with the figure drawing and still life. Thanks to the other seminar teachers, Nick Baxter, Kim Reed, Adrian Dominic, and Kim Ripley. Switching to the production team, Mary and Brian are the best and awesome, as the rest of the staff are too. Of course there were many many others who made this event possible and if I could, Id thank every one. Consider yourself thanked! Lastly, please email us any feedback you have, and we will get back to kicking buttocks on the Paradise Tattoo Gathering 2011 and 2012 and figure out when and where the next retreat will be!

guy aitchison painting

Guy Aitchison Painting

chris dingwell painting

Chris Dingwell doing his thang.

shawn barber painting guy aitchison

Painting of Guy Aitchision by Shawn Barber

shawn barber class

Shawn Barber showing whats up.

landscape painting class

Landscape painting class was led by Kim Reed. This is one of the students.

The kids had a blast, and took their own seminars.

and of course, the way we found the place, the alpine slide.