Nathan Kostechko Just Confirmed!

Hand Tattoo

Nathan Kostechko, the now perpetually traveling tattoo artist, will be returning to sling his many styles onto the bodies of lucky recipients at the Paradise Gathering 2011.TattooNOW recently did an interview with Nathan, probing into his history and current outlook. For those of you traveling to the Gathering and showing interest in getting tattooed by Nathan this snippet into his life may be the final push to contact him and set up an appointment!

Do you feel tattooing is a "fine art" or "work for hire"?

- tattooing is 'tattooing'. its not a 'fine art' or 'work for hire', tattooing is it's own entity. the only way to learn is from a master or by just going for it and trying it out. I think everyone needs to stop worrying about being considered an 'artist'. Just tattoo, that's what it is. it's a form of art.

How do you feel about tattooing being accepted into the mainstream culture?

-for me being a tattoo artist, it helps because more and more people want to get tattooed. unfortunately a lot of people feel they know a lot about tattooing because of TV, but the way they portray it on those shows is actually not how it is at all. I feel every major company out there is jumping on the bandwagon. from energy drinks to designer clothing labels, it's a great way to pin point who's a sell out and doing it just for the money. what does it take to give up what you stand for? MONEY! trust me i've done it, luckily I learned my lesson and backed out of these opportunities I thought were good. it will be funny when mainstream culture gets over it, and all the people who tattoo to be 'rockstars' are not 'rockstars' anymore and there just another tattooer. in the end your gonna have to be good to stick it out. I hope that tattooing become illegal again. that way if your really all about tattooing you will have to hide out underground to continue. The die hard collectors will have to know how to get in touch, it would be amazing. A secret art society.


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