Hotel Rooms and Shawn Barber Seminars Sold Out! Condos and Vacation Village rooms going fast

Shawn Barber Sold out

Painting of Marissa by Shawn Barber, who once again sold out his seminars!

Jiminy Peak has sold out of their single hotel rooms. There are a few 2 and three bedroom condos still available if you call (413) 738-5500 and tell them you are with the Tattoo Gathering. So ask your friends who's going and hasnt gotten their rooms yet, or bring some friends along! If you need your single rooms, don't fear yet, the resort across the way has rooms available still, click here to book em before they go! Also, the two Shawn Barber seminars are now sold out.  We would suggest registering for any seminars soon, while you can always take some great classes without pre-registering, if there are any seminars you want to make *sure* you get into then sign up soon!