More tattoo artists confrimed for Colorado Tattoo Convention!

We are gearing up for the Paradise Artist Retreat, but we are still busy confirming tattooers for this falls Tattoo Gathering in Colorado! If you are a tattooer, apprentice, collector or just curios about tattoos, save the dates, reserve your rooms, and prepare for the visual feast that is the Tattoo Gathering! Confirmed artists include Nick Baxter, Shawn Barber, Chet Zar, Andy Engel, Bob Tyrrell, Russ Abbott, Tom Strom, Mike Devries, Larry Brogan, Mike Cole, Nate Beavers, Muriel Zao, Stefano, Alex De Pase, Cory Norris, Noon, Big Gus, Darwin Enriquez, Jason Butrcher, Jo harrison, Tommy Lee Wendtner, Scotty Munster, Billi Vegas, Remis, robert Ryan, Cory Ferguson, Megan Hoogland, Jeremy Miller, and many many more amazing tattooers. So, make plans to hit up the Rocky Mountian sized Paradise Tattoo Gathering this September!