Keystone Rooms are now available online!

Kestone has just opened up online room reservations. They have also opened up some rooms a shuttle ride away from the Gathering for as little as $99 a night if you sort by price. The show is a month away so now is the time to finalize your plans, book your rooms, register for seminars and get your weekend passes. Day passes will be available very soon!

Time sure does fly when you are having fun! It seems like just yesterday we we're out at Keystone for the snowboard party/day of seminars (thanks for the review chuck!).

Stefano will also be teaching his seminar at Paradise Friday September 14 5-10.

The snowboard party was a lot of fun, but it seems we blinked and now the full on Paradise Tattoo Gathering is just a month away! A couple hundred tattooers and collectors have aleady gotten their passes, booked their rooms and made registered for seminars as excitement for the Gathering is building faster than ever before. Even though this year things are going faster than ever before our move to Keystone Resort insures we won't sell out the venue like years past as the Keystone can accommodate everyone. It is amazing watching all the ingrediants come together and this years Gathering will be able to grow to the Rocky Mountain location without losing on focus as to what makes this tattoo convention unqiue. We can't thank all the artists and collectors making solidifying their plans ahead of time and making sure the show is a success! If you have been to a Tattoo Gathering, you will want to see the show in its current form, and if you haven't been but have heard good things in the past, make sure you don't miss the Gathering for the first time!