Russ Abbott and Gabe Ripley on Joe Swanson podcast

Joe Swanson PodcastHey there. If you haven't checked out the Joe Swanson Propaganda Podcast yet, nows a great time! Two recent podcasts have had mentions and discussion about the Paradise Tattoo Gathering. Russ Abbott from Ink and Dagger tattoo in Atlanta GA spoke with Joe for over an hour talking about his upcoming book titled 'Ornamental Archive', kickstarter, tools of the trade, rotaries, Ink and Dagger tattoo, tattoo seminars, color theory, and much more! Check out the full Russ Abbott podcast here.

I was lucky enough to be a past guest on the podcast. Here is the link to the show, and the description strait from Joe : "Gabe Ripley from Off the Map tattoo, is a business mastermind, self proclaimed 'geek' and the man behind the Worldwide Tattoo Conference, the Paradise Tattoo Gathering, and the Paradise artist retreat.  Gabe and I talked on this episode of the show about inspiration, hard work, drug deals, computer programming, gaming, tattoos, innovation, and much more!  Check out Tattoonow.com to check out more about what Gabe has goin on.  Come see me Present the Joe Swanson Propaganda Podcast Live at the Tattoo Gathering Show in Keystone CO, Sept. 12-15.  www.tattoogathering.com.  Im available for tattoo appointments during those dates as well.  Hit me up Ogjoeswanson@gmail.com"