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Chuck Eldridge

Located in Winston Salem, North Carolina, the Tattoo Archive was founded in Berkeley, California in 1980 by C. W. Eldridge. The Tattoo Archive is a working shop which does custom tattooing. It is also home to our online store selling tattoo collectibles from around the world, the BookMistress' tattoo books and the Paul Rogers Tattoo Research Center (PRTRC), a nonprofit corporation with the primary goal of preserving tattoo history. The mission of the Tattoo Archive is to promote the history of tattooing through research and education.
Chuck will be teaching 4 seminars, each included with all tickets! 

Colorado Tattooists From the Past

Colorado has had a colorful and professional tattoo history. This lecture will feature photographs, flash, business cards, and other tattoo memorabilia from Colorado tattooists like Prof. George Mellivan (1800s) to Peter Poulos (1900s). Some tattoo suppliers have also called Colorado their home and they too will be discussed in this lecture.

August B. “Cap” Coleman (1884-1973)

Cap Coleman made a name for himself tattooing in Norfolk, VA. He settled there around 1917 and tattooed on Main Street until 1950 when the city outlawed tattooing. Coleman was a big influence on a whole generation of tattooists and his style is still copied today. This lecture will tell the story of Coleman’s life with photographs, flash and more.

Paul Rogers (1905-1990)

Paul Rogers was raised in the western mountains of North Carolina and started tattooing in 1928. For the next 62 years he pursued tattooing as a career, working in the side show as a tattooist, tattooing with Cap Coleman from 1945 to 1950, helping Huck Spaulding form Spaulding & Rogers Tattoo Supply and in semi-retirement Paul built some of the best working machine of that era. This lecture will touch on all parts of his life & career.

Sailor Traditions

Through the years sailors have been the lifeblood of the tattoo business. This lecture will feature photographs, flash, illustrations that tells the story of sailors and their love for the art of tattoo. Flash designs by Bob Wicks, Percy Waters and others will help us tell this story.

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Photo by Diana Greene