Cover ups, The Real Deal with Big Gus

Cover Ups, The Real Deal with Big Gus
Big Gus from Spike TV’s hit show Tattoo Nightmares takes you into the world of cover ups, a growing trend in today’s tattoo industry.
Learn techniques like placement, understanding old ink in skin, color choice and what colors work best to cover the dreadful black.
Gus will show you how to compose and manipulate the art to achieve the best cover up possible.
Each attendee will get a free downloadable reference booklet which will allow them to follow along during the seminar.
Bring portfolios or pictures of future projects to discuss during the seminar. You’ll get answers to any tattoo related questions from Gus who has over 17 years in the business. 
Got a tattoo you want covered? Tell us about it and e-mail us a photo when you register for a chance to have it covered up for free from Big Gus during the seminar! E-mail photos to gabe@tattoonow.com and make sure to put “Big Gus cover up” in the subject line.