Beam into Paradise! Webcast and Webinars available!

If you cannot make it out to Colorado this year but still want to experience the inspiration and education that the Paradise Tattoo Gathering is famed for- we've got a solution! We will be streaming select seminars and the stage which you can watch LIVE from home while participating with other artists in a chat room.
You can click the titles of each event that is being webcasted for more details and to purchase your tickets. If this is your first time hearing about webcasts you can see our FAQ.

PTG Stage Webcast
PTG Stage Webcast:
Features Tattoo Archive-Cap Coleman, Get the Perfect Tattoo, Joe Swanson Podcast live with Matt Shamah and Doug Hardy, Tattoo Archive- Paul Rogers, Discussion Panels and much more! For the full line up and more details visit TattooGathering.com and click "Webcasts".

Jeff Gogue-Art Core, Isolation Training for Visual Art: We will explore six defining design principles that each contribute to successful layout and delivery of any visual art medium mainly focusing on tattooing and painting. These key ingredients will guarantee dynamic art be it in the body, on canvas, or on skin. Students will learn to isolate six design principles and ingredients that can combined, interchanged and focused on to strengthen their execution of visual art on skin and canvas. Fore more details visit TattooGathering.com and click "Webcasts".

Building a GREAT tattoo business-  For the last decade Gabe Ripley has been completely immersed in the business of tattooing. In this seminar artists, managers, studio owners and apprentices will learn to think about all the details of a professional business plan as it relates specifically to high quality professional tattooing. Topics covered will include clearly defining your mission, how to build a strong business foundation, determining keys to success and much more. For more details visit TattooGathering.com and click "Webcasts".

Russ Abbott Webianr
Russ Abbott Presents: Tattooist Palette expanded This webinar will cover: Secrets of color mixing, color blending, developing color schemes, color selection, application, special effects, tattooing for longevity, finding inspiration and color theory. Russ will be doing the updated version of the Tattooist Palette which also includes a full ebook covering the topics presented. For more details visit TattooGathering.com and click "Webcasts".

Alex De Pase's Th'INK Different- This seminar is a mix of techniques, mental attitude and practical skills. We will understand how important is the work to do before the start of the tattoo and why. Starting from the rules to choose the right picture and the way to prepare the right color palette. We will touch on many different topics that will allow you to achieve a perfect realistic tattoo. For more details visit TattooGathering.com and click "Webcasts".

Life of a Tattoo Studio Manager: Massive Success One Day at a Time- Mary Bowen, who has managed Off the Map Tattoo for over six years, will take you through her daily, weekly, and monthly routines that help build a successful business and support tattooers to achieve maximum success. From goal setting, to selling and booking tattoos, to human resources, we'll discuss why having a well trained customer service team is key to studio success

BJ Betts LetteringBJ Betts Lettering- BJ Betts has been leading the way and setting the industry standard for lettering for over a decade. His five lettering guides are a must have at every tattoo studio and he continues to excel with his dedication to the craft. This course will cover everything, from the basic layout, spacing and design for the beginner to aspects of advanced font design, structure, flourishes and the ideas he uses to make it all happen. For more details visit TattooGathering.com and click "Webcasts".

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James Kern- Advanced Cover-ups for Tattooists: This seminar is designed to help artists advance their techniques for covering and repairing bad tattoos Topics include:  Design,Do's and don'ts,Ink and needles,Stencil,Cover-up techniques, Project examples