Finally! A Seminar for Managers and Front Room Help!

We are thrilled to be presenting a first for the Paradise Tattoo Gathering, a seminar for studio managers and front desk help! On Saturday, September 14 @ 8-10 MT we will be offering "A Day in the Life of a Tattoo Studio Manager: Massive Success One Day at a Time." You can purchase tickets on the Paradise Tattoo Gathering website.

The front desk is the first stop in most tattoo studios. Are you delivering the best first impression possible? Are you guiding potential clients through the perfect experience they will remember for a lifetime? Whether you're a studio manager, front desk worker, or a tattoo artist looking to build the perfect support staff, this seminar has something for you. Mary Bowen, who has managed Off the Map Tattoo for over six years, will take you through her daily, weekly, and monthly routines that help build a successful business and support tattooers to achieve maximum success. From goal setting, to selling and booking tattoos, to human resources, we'll discuss why having a well trained customer service team is key to studio success.