2018 Poster Art by Carrie South

Paradise Tattoo Gathering 2018

Artwork by Carrie South



PTG 2018 Poster Art Design Call

PTG 2018 Poster art

All artists are invited to submit artwork for the 10 year anniversary Paradise Tattoo Gathering.

The goal of this contest is to identify and honor an artist who understands the spirit of the Paradise Tattoo Gathering and can render an amazing image to attract like minded artists and collectors. The image will be used for all PTG merchandise including posters, postcards, banners, clothing, the website, and more. Past PTG artwork has been created by Joe Capobianco, Tom Strom, Jeff Gogue, Chet Zar, Juan Salgado, and Stefano Alcantara.

The Paradise Tattoo Gathering is an intimate tattoo convention hidden away in the hills of Western Massachusetts. It’s unique location allows some of the world's most talented custom tattoo artists to ply their trade in a focused relaxed environment amongst nature and insure that the event is filled exclusively with truly motivated lovers of the tattoo culture. Education, inspiration, and sharing responsibly is the primary focus of the event and theme of the weekend. Tattoo artists and apprentices learn by getting tattooed, watching many masters at work, and by the numerous educational seminars and panels taught by experts in the field of custom tattooing throughout the Gathering. The public can learn all about the very best that tattooing has to offer as they see true masterpieces being tattooed right in front of their eyes. The Paradise Tattoo Gathering is designed for custom tattoo artists, apprentices, apprentice hopefuls, and tattoo collectors. Jiminy Peak is a unique location away from the hustle and bustle, a place filled with peace and quiet and serious focus on custom tattooing. (Oh and an alpine slide!). Thanks to everyone for 10 years of amazing support.

Artist picked receives:

  • $1,000 (Awarded onstage at the Gathering)
  • Artwork and lettering featured on PTG materials
  • Featured Artist space at PTG.
  • Interview on Off The Map LIVE!
  • Full page feature in PTG Event Booklet.

Click here for more information.


Paradise Tattoo Gathering returns home to New England!

paradise tattoo gatheringWe are very very excited to have the next Paradise Tattoo Gathering return home to Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort October 20-23 2016! This will be the last Gathering for a few years, so best not to miss this amazing experience. The tattoo artist lineup is confirming as we speak, and we are assembling the list of seminars and workshops as we speak. Tattooers confirmed to inspire include Guy Aitchison, Bob Tyrrell, Hannah Aitchison, Bez, Ivana, David Corden, James Kern, Jason Butcher, Larry Brogan, Lianne Moule, Laura Jade, Melisa Fusco, Phil Garcia, Ron Earhart, Steve Peace, and so many more!

Tattooers, collectors and the curios are encouraged to pick up their tickets and book their rooms as they sell out every year. Tattoo studios are encouraged to get the studio 5 pack and book a condo. Save a little dough, and there is hardly a better tax write off and professional development weekend avialable! 

Stay tuned for more updates as they come in!


Half-Off Paradise Tattoo Gathering Artist Tickets This Weekend!

To thank everyone at Hell City Columbus we want to extend a special, very limited offer - this weekend, buy artist passes to 2016's Paradise Tattoo Gathering at the Jiminiy Peak Mountain Resort in Massachusetts at the amazing discounted rate of 50% off! Don't miss this incredible deal!

Click here to buy your tickets and be part of this unique take on the tattoo convention.

Paradise Tattoo Gathering Half-Off Tickets


Watson Atkinson and Teresa Sharp talk about tattoo consultations.

Here is a clip recorded at the  recent Paradise Tattoo Gathering. Watson Atkinson and Teresa Sharpe, two world class tattooers, talk about consulting with tattoo clients to collaborate on the custom tattoo designs they are known for. Watson has been tattooing nearly 20 years, and Teresa was the Best Ink winner on reality TV last year. Both tattooers and tattoo collectors can learn a thing or two about the tattoo process, and how to get the best out of it!



Paradise Tattoo Gathering Seminars now available on demand!

TattooNOW worked with the presenters of Paradise Tattoo Gathering to broadcast and record their live seminars. If travel was an issue in the past, there is no excuse now to miss out on these famed inspirational and educational presentations. For the first time ever participants of the Paradise Tattoo Gathering can also relive their experiences picking up any details they might have missed. You can now purchase the recordings and watch them from home or your studio as a write off! Please note that some of the webinars from the Paradise Tattoo Gathering require further verification by submitting your studios details.

The following recordings are now available, for more details you can click the title of each one or email Management.

Jeff Gogue- Art Core Isolation Training
                   -Run Time: 3 hours
  Jeff shows six design principles that contribute to his dynamic layouts. Isolating these six design principles that can be combined, interchanged and focused to strengthen an artists execution of visual art.

jeff gogue webinar on demand

James Kern- Advanced Cover-ups for Tattooists (Verification required)
                     -Run Time: 2 hours and 30 minutes
  James goes over both reworks and cover ups in this “TIME” seminar. Some key aspects include design, do's and don'ts, ink and needles, stencil, techniques and project examples.

james kern tattoo coverup webinar on demand

Kelly Doty- It's the little things.
                  -Run Time:2:03
  Kelly walks through her process of creating a dynamic illustrative tattoo. This “TIME” class will also delve into the more technical aspects of applying the tattoo, color theory and blending techniques.

Russ Abbot- The Tattooists Palette
                    -Run Time: 2 hours and 30 minutes
     Russ explains a variety of color secrets that will help make your work more interesting and effective.  This 3 hour course dives deep into the secrets of color mixing, color blending, developing color schemes, color selection, special effects and tattooing for longevity.
russ abbott seminar on demand


Bj Betts-  Lettering
              -Run Time: 3 hours
  BJ Betts has been leading the way and setting the industry standard for lettering for over a decade. His five lettering guides are a must have at every tattoo studio and he continues to excel with his dedication to the craft. This course will cover everything, from the basic layout, spacing and design for the beginner to aspects of advanced font design, structure, flourishes and the ideas he uses to make it all happen.

BJ Betts lettering seminar on demand

Off the Map's- A day in the life of a studio manager
  -Run Time: 2 hour and  30 minutes
  Learn how to achieve massive success one day at a time with 6 year manager of Off The Map Tattoo. This course focus's on the daily, weekly and monthly routines that help build a successful business and setting to support tattooers to achieve maximum success.
tattoo studio management seminar on demand

TattooNOW's Building a GREAT tattoo business
                    -Run Time: 2 hours and 30 minutes
  Make sure you are getting the most out of your hard work and plan for success. This course will help attendees learn to think about all the details of a professional business plan as it relates specifically to high quality professional tattooing. Topics include: Building a strong foundation, defining your mission statement and determining the keys to success among much much more.

Building a tattoo business webinar on demand

Each ticket is a 48 hour pass to watch the webinar as many times as you would like.  Webinars are still foreign to some people so below you will see a few details about webinars.

What is a “Webinar”?
A webinar is a seminar that is presented via live video feed to participants. These are the recordings of those live feeds and include the presenters answering questions from participants both online and in person.

Are there any requirements to watching a webinar?
You'll need a steady internet connection and to limit the number of programs running on your computer to avoid any lag. Because it is live, you will not be able to pause to allow the video to buffer. The recordings however can be allowed to load to allow for a seemless viewing experience. These files are often very large (2+GB) and will take varying amounts of time to load based on your connection. We recommend allowing the recording to load for 20 to 60 minutes before reporting a problem.

What can I expect?
Each event is unique. Some will involve the artist walking through a tattoo while taking questions while others might be based on powerpoint presentations.

Where do I watch the webinar?
When you purchase the webinar you'll receive a confirmation email that will provide you a password to the TattooNOW.com/Members area if you don’t already have one. If you forgot your password use the forgotton password form. We recommend that you log in 30-40 minutes before the event to make sure everything is working properly. 

Whats NEXT?

We are small group of dedicated individuals with the goal of providing technlogical advancements for the tattoo community. TattooNOW believes in constantly evolving and improving its technologies and content. While many of our improvements are behind the curtains or very techy in nature we also have plans that will be evident to you! We've got a goal of releasing a new webinar each month, and improving our equipment such as getting a Canon XH high definition camera. We are dedicated to providing the best quality education for anyone who is willing to take it.
If you have suggestions or requests for classes we'll do everything we can to provide that. We also try to release as much free content as possible such as our bi-weekly TattooNOW TV show and Hypercast which feature live panel discussion and critiques.




A day in the life of a studio manager Webinar replay live!

If you missed out on the A day in the Life of a Tattoo Studio Manager webinar, the replay is up! Mary Bowen, who was hired as part time front room help, and is now the full time manager for 2 shops on each coast which host over 60 guest artists a year. If you are a studio manager or shop owner, you will definitely get your moneys worth by seeing how Off the Map Tattoo is managed. Everyone who took her seminar/webinar at Paradise gave it raving reviews. So, now you can take this great course any day of the week any time of the day!

Tattoo studio management


Finally! A Seminar for Managers and Front Room Help!

We are thrilled to be presenting a first for the Paradise Tattoo Gathering, a seminar for studio managers and front desk help! On Saturday, September 14 @ 8-10 MT we will be offering "A Day in the Life of a Tattoo Studio Manager: Massive Success One Day at a Time." You can purchase tickets on the Paradise Tattoo Gathering website.

The front desk is the first stop in most tattoo studios. Are you delivering the best first impression possible? Are you guiding potential clients through the perfect experience they will remember for a lifetime? Whether you're a studio manager, front desk worker, or a tattoo artist looking to build the perfect support staff, this seminar has something for you. Mary Bowen, who has managed Off the Map Tattoo for over six years, will take you through her daily, weekly, and monthly routines that help build a successful business and support tattooers to achieve maximum success. From goal setting, to selling and booking tattoos, to human resources, we'll discuss why having a well trained customer service team is key to studio success.




Beam into Paradise! Webcast and Webinars available!

If you cannot make it out to Colorado this year but still want to experience the inspiration and education that the Paradise Tattoo Gathering is famed for- we've got a solution! We will be streaming select seminars and the stage which you can watch LIVE from home while participating with other artists in a chat room.
You can click the titles of each event that is being webcasted for more details and to purchase your tickets. If this is your first time hearing about webcasts you can see our FAQ.

PTG Stage Webcast
PTG Stage Webcast:
Features Tattoo Archive-Cap Coleman, Get the Perfect Tattoo, Joe Swanson Podcast live with Matt Shamah and Doug Hardy, Tattoo Archive- Paul Rogers, Discussion Panels and much more! For the full line up and more details visit TattooGathering.com and click "Webcasts".

Jeff Gogue-Art Core, Isolation Training for Visual Art: We will explore six defining design principles that each contribute to successful layout and delivery of any visual art medium mainly focusing on tattooing and painting. These key ingredients will guarantee dynamic art be it in the body, on canvas, or on skin. Students will learn to isolate six design principles and ingredients that can combined, interchanged and focused on to strengthen their execution of visual art on skin and canvas. Fore more details visit TattooGathering.com and click "Webcasts".

Building a GREAT tattoo business-  For the last decade Gabe Ripley has been completely immersed in the business of tattooing. In this seminar artists, managers, studio owners and apprentices will learn to think about all the details of a professional business plan as it relates specifically to high quality professional tattooing. Topics covered will include clearly defining your mission, how to build a strong business foundation, determining keys to success and much more. For more details visit TattooGathering.com and click "Webcasts".

Russ Abbott Webianr
Russ Abbott Presents: Tattooist Palette expanded This webinar will cover: Secrets of color mixing, color blending, developing color schemes, color selection, application, special effects, tattooing for longevity, finding inspiration and color theory. Russ will be doing the updated version of the Tattooist Palette which also includes a full ebook covering the topics presented. For more details visit TattooGathering.com and click "Webcasts".

Alex De Pase's Th'INK Different- This seminar is a mix of techniques, mental attitude and practical skills. We will understand how important is the work to do before the start of the tattoo and why. Starting from the rules to choose the right picture and the way to prepare the right color palette. We will touch on many different topics that will allow you to achieve a perfect realistic tattoo. For more details visit TattooGathering.com and click "Webcasts".

Life of a Tattoo Studio Manager: Massive Success One Day at a Time- Mary Bowen, who has managed Off the Map Tattoo for over six years, will take you through her daily, weekly, and monthly routines that help build a successful business and support tattooers to achieve maximum success. From goal setting, to selling and booking tattoos, to human resources, we'll discuss why having a well trained customer service team is key to studio success

BJ Betts LetteringBJ Betts Lettering- BJ Betts has been leading the way and setting the industry standard for lettering for over a decade. His five lettering guides are a must have at every tattoo studio and he continues to excel with his dedication to the craft. This course will cover everything, from the basic layout, spacing and design for the beginner to aspects of advanced font design, structure, flourishes and the ideas he uses to make it all happen. For more details visit TattooGathering.com and click "Webcasts".

***Shop Information/Verification Required Seminars***

James Kern- Advanced Cover-ups for Tattooists: This seminar is designed to help artists advance their techniques for covering and repairing bad tattoos Topics include:  Design,Do's and don'ts,Ink and needles,Stencil,Cover-up techniques, Project examples


Big Gus Videos

Big Gus is on TV!! Big Gus has been to every Tattoo Gathering, from the very begining, and now we get to see him on the TV every tuesday and at odd times! He has tought seminars and discussed on discussion panels and has always left a great mark behind on the minds of the next generation of tattooers, as well as his peers. His Tattoo Coverups Seminar pre-registration just went live, and its very popular! Well, instead of talking about gus, how about we present some of the videos hes been featured in! 


SullenTV Tattoo Nightmares with Big Gus

Big Gus Skull Tattoo Time-Lapse TattooNOW TV

Tattoo Nightmares: The Curse Of The Name Tattoo

Register for Big Gus's coverup seminar soon!


Gogue seminar sold out, Webinar tickets on sale now

Jeff Gogue WebinarJeff Gogue has sold out his seminar: Art Core, Isolation training for visual art. If you still wish to take it, you can purchase a webinar ticket and watch from anywhere in the world! We have been busy buying equipment and programming away so we can bring you pieces parts of the Paradise Tattoo Gathering as a broadcast. We will webcast the main stage events including live TattooNOWtv interviews, live Joe Swanson podcasts (including interviews with the likes of Doug Hardy, Henry Lewis, Seth Ciferri, and more!), the Tattoo of the Day Contests, Chuck Eldridge's Tattoo Archive semianrs every day, and more! Select seminars will be webcast including Jeff Gogue's Art Core, Isolation training for visual artAdvanced Cover-ups for Tattooists with James KernTattooNOW's Building a GREAT Tattoo BusinessRuss Abbott's The Tattooist's PaletteAlex De Pase's Th'INK DIFFERENT, and Off the Map Tattoo's A day in the Life of a Tattoo Studio Manager. Questions about webinars? We have answers!

We hope you can make it out, but if you cant, now you can still get a digital taste of the Paradise Tattoo Gathering! 


Cover ups, The Real Deal with Big Gus

Cover Ups, The Real Deal with Big Gus
Big Gus from Spike TV’s hit show Tattoo Nightmares takes you into the world of cover ups, a growing trend in today’s tattoo industry.
Learn techniques like placement, understanding old ink in skin, color choice and what colors work best to cover the dreadful black.
Gus will show you how to compose and manipulate the art to achieve the best cover up possible.
Each attendee will get a free downloadable reference booklet which will allow them to follow along during the seminar.
Bring portfolios or pictures of future projects to discuss during the seminar. You’ll get answers to any tattoo related questions from Gus who has over 17 years in the business. 
Got a tattoo you want covered? Tell us about it and e-mail us a photo when you register for a chance to have it covered up for free from Big Gus during the seminar! E-mail photos to gabe@tattoonow.com and make sure to put “Big Gus cover up” in the subject line.



Tattoo Archive seminars every day!


Chuck Eldridge

Located in Winston Salem, North Carolina, the Tattoo Archive was founded in Berkeley, California in 1980 by C. W. Eldridge. The Tattoo Archive is a working shop which does custom tattooing. It is also home to our online store selling tattoo collectibles from around the world, the BookMistress' tattoo books and the Paul Rogers Tattoo Research Center (PRTRC), a nonprofit corporation with the primary goal of preserving tattoo history. The mission of the Tattoo Archive is to promote the history of tattooing through research and education.
Chuck will be teaching 4 seminars, each included with all tickets! 

Colorado Tattooists From the Past

Colorado has had a colorful and professional tattoo history. This lecture will feature photographs, flash, business cards, and other tattoo memorabilia from Colorado tattooists like Prof. George Mellivan (1800s) to Peter Poulos (1900s). Some tattoo suppliers have also called Colorado their home and they too will be discussed in this lecture.

August B. “Cap” Coleman (1884-1973)

Cap Coleman made a name for himself tattooing in Norfolk, VA. He settled there around 1917 and tattooed on Main Street until 1950 when the city outlawed tattooing. Coleman was a big influence on a whole generation of tattooists and his style is still copied today. This lecture will tell the story of Coleman’s life with photographs, flash and more.

Paul Rogers (1905-1990)

Paul Rogers was raised in the western mountains of North Carolina and started tattooing in 1928. For the next 62 years he pursued tattooing as a career, working in the side show as a tattooist, tattooing with Cap Coleman from 1945 to 1950, helping Huck Spaulding form Spaulding & Rogers Tattoo Supply and in semi-retirement Paul built some of the best working machine of that era. This lecture will touch on all parts of his life & career.

Sailor Traditions

Through the years sailors have been the lifeblood of the tattoo business. This lecture will feature photographs, flash, illustrations that tells the story of sailors and their love for the art of tattoo. Flash designs by Bob Wicks, Percy Waters and others will help us tell this story.

Check out these videos about the Tattoo Archive!

Photo by Diana Greene


Ink Masters build tattoo machines with Seth Ciferri Judging!

Wanna see some funny shit? watch ?#‎inkmaster? on tuesday, when ?#‎tatubaby?and the crew attempt to assemble a ?#‎biyfs? machine kit, and do a tattoo with it- i'm a guest judge. hilarity ensues. ?#‎theweaknesshasbeenexposed? - Seth ciferri

Aspiring Ink Masters, and Tattooers who need to know more about their machines, should not make the same mistake. Take seth's outliner and shader tattoo machine classes at the Paradise Tattoo Gathering! 


Jeff Gogue's Seminar: Art Core, Isolation training for visual art

Jeff Gogue SeminarJeff Gogue's new seminar is registering fast, and may sell out! Here is the description. 

We will explore six defining design principles that each contribute to successful layout and delivery of any visual art medium mainly focusing on tattooing and painting. These key ingredients will guarantee dynamic art be it in the body, on canvas, or on skin.


Students will learn to isolate six design principles and ingredients that can combined, interchanged and focused on to strengthen their execution of visual art on skin and canvas. rules of design, the way the viewer sees their art and how to leave a long impression on anyone who sees their art.


Bring notebook and writing tool, camera or recording devise.


Instructor - 14 years tattoo experience, 27 years selling art for a living. International seminar and workshop instructor for over 6 years. Instructor at Souther Oregon Art Academy and Rogue Community College summer art program instructor. 


Dont snooze, register soon! 

Here is one of Jeff's latest videos, amazing! We are always excited to have Jeff around, he is a true inspiration! 



Kelly Doty Seminar very popular!

Kelly Doty's teaching her seminar at the Paradise Tattoo Gathering. The way registrations are going, she very well may sell out so dont snooze!

Kelly Doty Seminar


Check out this video clip from her TattooNOWtv interview. 


and the full episode


Tattoo Seminar and Workshop schedule going up!

Over the course of the next week we are finalizing and getting registration for tattoo seminars up. Check out the event schedule to start planning out your weekend. 

Shawn Barber Seminar

Portrait painitng from reference with Shawn Barber is always a favorite and always sells. out! 

Craig Driscoll Tattoo seminar

Craid Driscoll will be teaching and tattooing!

Japanese tattooing seminar

Gomineko Books Seminar on Japanese Mythical Creatures & Yokai


World's best animal and nature tattoos

We just updated the tattoo gallery, and among the amazing works are quite a few animal tattoos! Keystone colorado, the location for this years Paradise Tattoo Gathering is the perfect place to get a world class wildlife  or nature tattoo. Here are some highlights from the most recent update.

Bird Thigh Piece
Bird Thigh Piece by Brandon Heffron

Black Mamba Tattoo
Black Mamba Tattoo by Stefano Alcantara

Snake Tattoo
Snake tattoo by Säde Sonck

Owl Tattoo
Owl tattoo by Shawn Will

Sherlock Cat Tattoo
Sherlock Cat Tattoo by Russ Abbott

watercolor poppies tattoo
Watercolor poppies tattoo by Ivana Tattoo Art

Check out the complete animal tattoo gallery.


Seminar Schedule up soon!

The Paradise Tattoo Gathering seminar schedule is going to be up soon! We are finalizing all the details. This year's seminar teachers include Adrian Lee, James Kern, Russ Abbott, Craig Driscoll, Shawn Barber, Chuck Eldridge of the Tattoo Archive, Alex De Pase, Kris Lachance of Safe Artworks, Damon Conklin, Caesar, Seth Ciferri, Larry Brogan, Ian McKown, Big Gus, Adrian Dominic, Kelly Doty, BJ Betts, Jen Schichi, Myke Chambers, and more! 

Russ Abbott Tattoos
Tattoo by Russ Abbott


Russ Abbott and Gabe Ripley on Joe Swanson podcast

Joe Swanson PodcastHey there. If you haven't checked out the Joe Swanson Propaganda Podcast yet, nows a great time! Two recent podcasts have had mentions and discussion about the Paradise Tattoo Gathering. Russ Abbott from Ink and Dagger tattoo in Atlanta GA spoke with Joe for over an hour talking about his upcoming book titled 'Ornamental Archive', kickstarter, tools of the trade, rotaries, Ink and Dagger tattoo, tattoo seminars, color theory, and much more! Check out the full Russ Abbott podcast here.

I was lucky enough to be a past guest on the podcast. Here is the link to the show, and the description strait from Joe : "Gabe Ripley from Off the Map tattoo, is a business mastermind, self proclaimed 'geek' and the man behind the Worldwide Tattoo Conference, the Paradise Tattoo Gathering, and the Paradise artist retreat.  Gabe and I talked on this episode of the show about inspiration, hard work, drug deals, computer programming, gaming, tattoos, innovation, and much more!  Check out Tattoonow.com to check out more about what Gabe has goin on.  Come see me Present the Joe Swanson Propaganda Podcast Live at the Tattoo Gathering Show in Keystone CO, Sept. 12-15.  www.tattoogathering.com.  Im available for tattoo appointments during those dates as well.  Hit me up Ogjoeswanson@gmail.com"


More tattooers confirmed for the Paradise Tattoo Gathering

We are working day and night confirming the tattoo artists for the Paradise Tattoo Gathering coming up September 12-15. The tattoo floor will be packed with as many amazing artists as ever. If you are a tattoo fan, or even just curious, it is worth checking out the tattoo gallery and sending emails to any artist you may be interested in getting a tattoo from. We are currently working on finalizing the seminar list, and will post it up as soon as we can! Here are some of the recent tattoos uploaded. 

Kramer portrait tattoo
Kramer tattoo by Stefano

canman tattoo
Tattoo by Canman

Shell Tattoo
Shell tattoo by Ivana

bird tattoo
Bird tattoo by JP

Rose tattoo
Rose tattoo by Morgan Haberle


Paradise Tattoo Gathering review from last year

We are now in full swing preparing for the Paradise Tattoo Gathering this September 12-15 2013! Last year was  alot of fun, and we are excited to reveal this years seminar schedule. In the meantime, check out this review fromMarissa of Needles and Sins.com to get a taste of whats comeing up! 

From Marissa: 
My trip to the Paradise Tattoo Gathering began even before my bags were packed. The party kicked off in beautiful Keystone, Colorado last Thursday, and I followed along in real time on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Most posted their images with #paradisetattoogathering so it was easy to follow. Check them here. 

The photos highlighted the tattoos being created on the convention floor but also what was going on behind the doors of the many seminars -- like 3D works from Chet Zar's sculpture workshop, and portraits in progress from those lucky enough to get into Shawn Barber's sold-out painting class. And naturally there were VIP party pix. Horns-high group photos in various Instagram filters

Keystone Colorado

Read the comeplete artice here


More artists confirmed for Colorado Tattoo Gathering 2013!

The 2013 Paradise Tattoo Gathering is returning to Keystone Colorado September 12-15. Tattooers have been confirming, check out the artist list to see who will be tattooing. We will be posting hightlights from all the tattooers coming, here is the first round! 

day of the dead pinup alex de pass tattoo

by Alex De Pase


Tiger Tattoo Jeff Gogue

Tiger Leg Tattoo by Jeff Gogue


james kern back tattoo

Backpiece Tattoo by James Kern


adrian lee tattoo

Tattoo by Adrian Lee



Thanks for the amazing time, save the dates, September 12-15 2013!

Thanks for the amazing time! It's impossible to put into words the experience, but Neil over at Tattoo Revolution does a better job than I. Go download the new issue for FREE! 

We are excited to let you know we have worked out a deal with Keystone, and they will be happy to have us back next year. September 12-15 2013 we will be returning to Keystone Colorado! Thanks for your support, and we will be finalizing the details as soon as we can. 
Offices at OfftheMapTattoo.com
112 Cottage St Easthampton MA 01027
(413) 585-9134

Thanks Summit Daily for the early press!

Tattooing!Thanks to the Summit Daily for some great press! Here is a taste of their article: "Seminars and classes at the Paradise Tattoo Gathering Thursday through Sunday at Keystone Resort are filling up fast. Shawn Barber's live portrait painting class on Thursday is sold out and other presentations are close, so participants interested in the four-day local event are encouraged to get online and register now.


The event is open to the public, and tattoo artists, collectors of body art and aficionados from around the region are invited to attend. Doors open at 11 a.m. Thursday and the event promises to be one of the most heavily inked weekends of the year in Summit County.


For those interested in getting tattooed, go online and try to pre-book with your artist of choice, or show up early, as some artists will be operating on a first-come first-served basis. Dozens of well-known ink slingers from around the country will be on hand for your collecting pain and pleasure. Big Gus from Hesperia, Calif., will be tattooing with a close-up camera and microphone so that audience members can watch and ask questions during the session. Artist Shawn Barber and other special guests will make a kick-off speech at noon on Thursday as a preview to the weekend. Other special artist presentations include sculpting with Chet Zar, a lecture by Jeff Gogue, sketching with Tommy Lee Wendtner and a “State of the Industry” panel discussion. Each morning, Jen Schici will lead a Kundalini yoga class for tattoo artists before the show opens again at 11. "

Check out the whole thing here! 


Tattoo Photography from A to Z with Bill DeMichele

Tattoo Photography from A to ZWe are excited to annouce, a little last minute, that tattoo convention staple Bill DeMichele will be coming to the Tattoo Gathering again, and this time he will be teaching his class "Tattoo Photography from A to Z"! Bill DeMichele has been a professional photographer for over 40 years, shooting commercial, catalog and fashion photography. He has also been a leading tattoo photographer for more than 25 years, shooting over 250 conventions for magazines and personal exhibits. For the past 12 years Bill has been the senior photographer of International Tattoo Art magazine with over 150 covers to his credit. If you want to learn how to take great tattoo photos and then get them into publications, then this seminar is not to be missed! 



Shawn Barber's Thursday class sold out, others close!

Shawn Barber Painting Class

Shawn Barber's thursday live protrait painting class is sold out! He does still have limited space avaiable for his Friday session. There are a few other seminars and workshops close to selling out, and registrations are coming in growing numbers. If you want to make sure you get entry into your favorite classes register soon! Also this year is already our busiest year yet with weekend passes and day passes moving quicker than ever! Beat the lines and get your tickets soon. 


Keystone Rooms are now available online!

Kestone has just opened up online room reservations. They have also opened up some rooms a shuttle ride away from the Gathering for as little as $99 a night if you sort by price. The show is a month away so now is the time to finalize your plans, book your rooms, register for seminars and get your weekend passes. Day passes will be available very soon!

Time sure does fly when you are having fun! It seems like just yesterday we we're out at Keystone for the snowboard party/day of seminars (thanks for the review chuck!).

Stefano will also be teaching his seminar at Paradise Friday September 14 5-10.

The snowboard party was a lot of fun, but it seems we blinked and now the full on Paradise Tattoo Gathering is just a month away! A couple hundred tattooers and collectors have aleady gotten their passes, booked their rooms and made registered for seminars as excitement for the Gathering is building faster than ever before. Even though this year things are going faster than ever before our move to Keystone Resort insures we won't sell out the venue like years past as the Keystone can accommodate everyone. It is amazing watching all the ingrediants come together and this years Gathering will be able to grow to the Rocky Mountain location without losing on focus as to what makes this tattoo convention unqiue. We can't thank all the artists and collectors making solidifying their plans ahead of time and making sure the show is a success! If you have been to a Tattoo Gathering, you will want to see the show in its current form, and if you haven't been but have heard good things in the past, make sure you don't miss the Gathering for the first time!




One Body Seminar by Adrian Lee!

One Body


Larry Brogan's 101 Tips Seminar!


Larry Brogan is presenting an invaluable opportunity to learn from an accomplished and award winning artist with over 20 years of experience in the industry who has run a busy well established shop for 17 years and has traveled all over the world doing tattoo conventions.
45 Page Booklet will be handed out for all seminar attendees.
Tips to include:
Marketing Yourself and Your Shop * Getting Your Work Published
Running a Successful Shop * Apprenticeships * Guest Spots
Equipment Troubleshooting Tricks
Stencil Making and Application * Laying out Large Scale Tattoos
Tattoo Conventions and Travel Tips * Dealing with Airports and Foreign Customs
Photography Tips * Tips for Convention Promoters
Creating Art in Other Mediums
Dealing with Clients * How to Stay Organized
Handy Tools and Gadgets * Tattooing Tips
Questions and Answers

No Information Held Back!!!


Damon Conklin Oil Painting Workshop!

We are excited to have Damon Conklin teaching his oil painting seminar at the Paradise Tattoo Gathering for the first time. His seminar was a great hit at the Artistist Retreat earlier this year, register soon to secure your spot! Here is the description from Damon: "A beginners oil workshop. I have some good ideas about how to get people going with some simple early successes in oil by limiting the amount of decisions necessary in each step of the process. by doing this each painting can have strong and easily digested lessons and small victories which can fuel the desire to dig deeper. I am supplying everything except easels ( I'm a closet control freak )."

damon conklin painter seminar


Adrian Dominic's How I Make Biomechanical Tattoos

We have just added Adrian Dominic's How I Make Biomechanical Tattoos to the seminar schedule. Here is a bit about this new seminar strait from Dominic himself: "No holds barred, cut and dry, keep-it-simple-stupid method to how I make the some of my biomechanical tattoos.  If you ever wanted to get insight on my tattoo approach firsthand, this is the one and ONLY time I will be doing this sort of seminar with all of the bells and whistles in a public convention forum.  These technical secrets are what I usually reserve to share with friends."

Check out more details and register here

Adrian Dominic's Biomechanical tattoos


Chet Zar Sculpture Seminar!

Chet Zar is returning to the Paradise Tattoo Gathering with his 3 semianrs. The first one we will blog about is the scultpure workshop. Chet Zar has gotten great reviews from the tattooers who have taken this workshop. Get your hands dirty and dig into a sculpture with Chet's guidence. Truely an amazing experiance! chet zar sculpture


Adrian Lee's Bloodwork:Bodies Art show, book signing and seminar confirmed.

Details are forthcoming, but we are honored to be hosting Bloodwork:Bodies - a Global Exploration of Tattooing art show and book signing. The art show will pack over 2,000 square feet with one of the worlds largest collections of high quality tattooing. Adrian will also be giving a slideshow presentation about the book and have signed copies for sale. More details to follow, for now check out this video coverage from the first Bloodwork:Bodies art show. 


Still Standing - a benefit for the Wounded Warrior Project

We are happy to host the "Still Standing" art show, a benefit for the Wounded Warrior Project. Over 40 featured pieces of artwork will be for sale from the likes of Jeff Gogue, Bob Tyrrell, Gunnar, Damon Conklin, Jeremy Miller, Victor Modaferri, Kirk Alley, Mario Rosena, Chris Lowe, Kelly Doty and many many more. Bring some extra dough for this great cause. 

Still Standing - a benefit for the wounded warrior project


Kynst has confirmed!

We are excited to have confrimed Kynst will be tattooing in September. Not only is he extremely talented, but he is one of the nicest tattooers you will meet. If you are looking for a unique black and grey skull tattoo, look no further! 
skulls and flowers tattoo



Paradise Tattoo Gathering videos posted!

We are working day and night here at Paradise HQ putting together the next Gathering. Tickets for artists, collectors, and the curious are moving, rooms are being booked and we encourage artists to book their rooms at the Keystone Lodge early as all past Tattoo Gatherings have sold out the resort! The seminar and event schedule has been posted, eminar registration will be up shortly! We have posted the new tattoo convention video page, which includes a video for the Keystone convention as well as a bunch of the videos from past tattoo gatherings. There are three full art shows booked that we will be promoting shortly, fun fun fun! Enjoy the videos and talk to you soon!


Tattoo Gathering Seminars list started!

We have updated the Paradise Tattoo Gathering event list. You will notice that while many seminars are listed there are many details and a few more seminars still to come. We will be updating them frequently for the next week or two. Artists and collectors have been buying their passes and registering their rooms. We have just added the studio 4 artist pack (rent a condo and write the whole thing off!) and the live painting space tickets. Both of those tickets have a discount going for a limited time. The artist list has been updated once again, and there have been some more confirmations so keep checking back! A whole mess of vendors will be getting a bunch of love very soon too, thanks for everyones patientce. 

keystone - colorado tattoo convention


The Attending Artist List Keeps Growing!

James Kern Tattoos

It is very exciting to see all the great tattoo artists confirming that they will be attending this years Tattoo Gathering!  The latest additions are James Kern, HorimasaChris J'TotJared PreslarLiz Cook, and many more!!  Be sure to go take a look at the updated artist list to get a feel for the talent that will be present this year at the bigger and better Keystone, CO venue!

Liz Cook Tattoos


More tattoo artists confrimed for Colorado Tattoo Convention!

We are gearing up for the Paradise Artist Retreat, but we are still busy confirming tattooers for this falls Tattoo Gathering in Colorado! If you are a tattooer, apprentice, collector or just curios about tattoos, save the dates, reserve your rooms, and prepare for the visual feast that is the Tattoo Gathering! Confirmed artists include Nick Baxter, Shawn Barber, Chet Zar, Andy Engel, Bob Tyrrell, Russ Abbott, Tom Strom, Mike Devries, Larry Brogan, Mike Cole, Nate Beavers, Muriel Zao, Stefano, Alex De Pase, Cory Norris, Noon, Big Gus, Darwin Enriquez, Jason Butrcher, Jo harrison, Tommy Lee Wendtner, Scotty Munster, Billi Vegas, Remis, robert Ryan, Cory Ferguson, Megan Hoogland, Jeremy Miller, and many many more amazing tattooers. So, make plans to hit up the Rocky Mountian sized Paradise Tattoo Gathering this September! 



Snowboard Party Success!

Last week some of our staff headed out to Keystone, Colorado for our snowboard party and seminars. The trip was also prep for the Paradise Tattoo Gathering we're holding next year September 13-16, 2012. The ride, and resort is amazing, and we're really excited to share it with all of you!

Stefano Alcantara started the event with a full day seminar about photo realistic tattooing, where his students had the opportunity to work on their live canvases while he taught! The room was filled with great energy and tattooers enthusiastic about learning more and improving their skill. As always, it was a truly inspiring day.

The next days we filled with snowboarding fun with Durb Morrison of Hell City, as well as a marketing seminar care of our very own Gabe Ripley and TattooNOW. Chuck from Prick was also hanging out covering the event, so stay tuned for a piece on the party in an upcoming issue of Prick Magazine.

Durb put together this great video for us that captured the event really well. Check it out!

Next up is the Paradise Artist Retreat in New Mexico, February 20-23. As always there's an amazing list of seminar teachers including Chet Zar, Shawn Barber, Chris Dingwell, Nick Baxter, and many more. Check out the full list of seminars, and buy your passes today! Also, book your hotel rooms before January 30 with the code G-TATT to get 15% off your food and beverage for you entire stay!




Free seminars from Stefano and TattooNOW at Keystone Snowboard Party

Free tattoo seminars

Snowboard Gal by Stefano

Are you a tattooer who likes to snowboard? If so, plan on coming out to the Paradise Tattoo Gathering Snowboard Party at Keystone Resort Jan 10-11th for some professional development and snowboarding! Stefano from Last Rites will be giving a free seminar on realistic tattooing (worth $250!) and TattooNOW will be giving a free seminar on marketing. All you need to do is call (800) 258-0437 and reserve your room with code CF1PTE to book your room and click here to send us an email with your reservation number. You can check out more details about the Paradise Tattoo Gathering Snowboard Party here. 


Paradise Tattoo Gathering, On the Road in Jiminy Peak - By Crash

Paradise Tattoo Gathering 2011 - review by Crash

by Crash of Tattoo Artist Magazine Blog

The Paradise Tattoo Gathering (PTG), at the Jiminy Peak Resort in Massachusetts, is a unique experience and one which I would highly recommend. In its fourth year, this convention stands alone amongst hundreds as being completely orchestrated for the benefit of tattooers. Don’t get me wrong, the public is welcome but with the location chosen and the schedule of events, it’s apparent this show is for tattooers who WANT to be in their community and who also want to improve themselves, their art and their tattooing. It’s quite unlike anything else out there and it was EXACTLY what I needed, at exactly the right time…  (Read whole article at Tattoo Artist Magazine Blog)


Gunnar Gaylord: It Really was ‘Paradise’

Paradise Tattoo Gathering Review 2011 Gunnar

A few weeks back, I wrote my first blog for TAM. I wrote about the internal paradigm shift I was making in my views toward life and about dropping the ego and being more open-minded. I then discussed the profound effects those changes had created in my sense of community. The response was amazing. It seemed that the idea of a positive paradigm shift in the tattoo community was something hordes of people desired. They were sick of the ego’s and attitudes and like me, were just saddened by the state of the tattoo industry…

Shortly after writing the blog, I had the chance to attend the Paradise Tattoo Gathering. I had been asked before to attend, but had missed my opportunity in the past. However this year I decided to attend and I am so glad I did. Gabe and the crew from Off the Map, created one hell of an artistic environment to feel comfortable in. It seemed to be the perfect environment to see some of the changes I have been ranting about be acted out... Read whole article on the Tattoo Artist Magazine Blog.


ParadiseTattoo Gathering super success!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Paradise Tattoo Gathering last month. This year there were more seminars that were packed and sold out, more tattoo magazines out taking photos and documenting the weekend, and more relaxing than ever before. Not only did the show grow substancially this year, but the snowball of enthusiasm for the Rocky Mountain Tattoo Gathering is humbling. We will be working hard for the next year to make sure our move west is well worth it for everyone! Hope to see you there. We are revising the website as we speak, but a whole mess of tattoo artists have already confirmed, the seminar schedule is started, and rooms and artist passes are going already! Thanks again for all the support, if you all keep coming out, well, we have some real fun times ahead! 


Making Press!

We are thrilled to have so many amazing publications represented at the Paradise Tattoo Gathering this year. We are thrilled to have national publications including Tattoo Savage, Tattoo Artist Magazine, Prick & Tattoo Society.


International Magazine, Tattoo Revolution, will also be around covering the event! Thanks to all the press that is coming out for the event! Make sure you check out all the amazing publications sold at many major bookstores!


Paradise Tattoo Gathering opens next thursday!

jiminy peak

Signs of fall at Jiminy Peak

The Paradise Tattoo Gathering is coming right up. It has been an exciting time hammerin out this edition of the show, and at this point we cant wait to get onsite and start setting up! We are honored so many tattoo artists are coming to tattoo, and while many book up in advance there are many artists who work on a walk up only basis. So if you are thinking about getting tattooed at the show, just show up! Of course you can save a little and beat the lines by getting your tickets in advance. See you soon!


Workhorse Irons Tattoo of the Day Prize

Workhorse Irons Tattoo Machine

Maybe a glimpse of the machines that Workhorse Irons is giving away for Tattoo of the Day on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the Paradise Tattoo Gathering is enough to give all the attending artists a little incentive to step it up a bit...although with all that talent, I don't know how there is any room for more improvement.  As far as the other tattoo contests, Workhorse Irons is also the official sponsor of those awards, as well.

Not to mention, Tattoo of the Day winners can take their pick from the machine pictured above or a rotary!


Some collaborative tattoo seminar line up changes

Strom - Gogue seminar

Jeff Gogue will be coteaching with Tom Strom at the "Tomorrows Tattoos Today" seminar. 

Well as fate has it, Cory Norris and Shane Oneill will not be making this event. We are very lucky to have the likes of Tom Strom join Jeff Gogue, and Big Gus join forces with Bob Tyrrell. One lucky artist in Bob and Gus's seminar will get a free tattoo from both these masters! Both seminars do currently have spaces open for artists, so if you want to insure your entry into these seminars you have time to register in advance. 

Bob Tyrrell and Big Gus Seminar

Bob Tyrrell and Big Gus are teaching about portraits and realism on one lucky artist taking the class


Gunnar's Seminar is gonna be fun!

Gunnar Seminar

Gunnar is bringing his "Artistic Process Before Creating Final Art" seminar to the Gathering

Gunnar will be at this years Tattoo Gathering to teach his seminar, sit in on the opening panel titled "What it takes", for a critique, and profusing humourous and insightful chatter about how positive personal growth will help you professionally, as well  your industry as a whole! There are so many seminars and workshops that it is hard to chat about just one, so check out the schedule and pre-register for any that you want to make sure you get into!


Alex DePase Color Realism Seminar is filling up fast

alex depase realism seminar

Alex DePase's Color Realism Seminar is filling up fast! Register here.

Seminar registration is going strong, and there are a few more seminars that may sell out before the show opens. Of course with so many seminars and workshops you dont need to pre-register to get into some amazing classes, but if you want to make sure you get into any of your favorites, then put your deposit down to insure your spot! See everyone in two weeks!!!

We are also looking for a few more event volunteers. If you are interested in working for a day or half day, fill out the volunteer application asap!


Rooms available at Vacation Village

vacation village

Vacation Village is a mile from Jiminy Peak, a 10-15 minute walk, or a 3 minute drive.

It is true that Jiminy Peak is sold out once again, but don't fret if you waited to get your roome, Vacation Village is here to save the day. Their resort is just across the road from Jiminy Peak and rooms are $135 a night. Click here to reserve your room today! While many seminars have sold out, many are still booking reservations every day. With over 25 seminars, workshops, panels, and critiques you will be able to show up and have a great time, but if there is anything you want to make sure you get into, put your deposits down soon. There are also workshops and child care for those bringing the family. Tickets have been moving faster than every before too, so if you want to beat the lines, pick up your artist weekend pass or collector weekend pass ahead of time too. Thanks again everyone, see you all soon enough!


Art seminars for the kids, and quality child care can now available!

Kids seminars

If you are coming to the paradise tattoo gathering with the family, you can rest assured there will plenty for them to do! Back due to popular demand, Kim Ripley is offering art workshops for the kids on Friday and Saturday. With over 20 years of early childhood education under her belt, numerous awards, and countless workshops taught for children and teachers you can feel safe leaving your kid in experianced hands. The workshops are on Friday and Saturday from 10:30 - 1. Not that we are encouraging you to spend less time with your children, but we are also happy to offer quality child care Friday and Saturday evenings from 7-10 with Joey Wright. Joey has been involved with education his whole life, and is one of our favorite sitters. While the tattoo rooms are for the grown ups, Jiminy Peak and the Paradise Tattoo Gathering are happy to offer fun for the whole family, and a chance for the kids to participate in the learning experience!


Want a unique Chet Zar Tattoo?

Artwork by Chet Zar & Tattoo by Stefano

Chet Zar will be creating a unique painting during the Paradise Tattoo Gathering this September 15-18th at Jiminy Peak MA. Over the course of three days, Chet's trio of seminars will take artists through his creation process from sculpture through the digital world of photoshop and then onto a canvas with oil paints. We thought it might be pretty fun if the image that Chet creates could be tattooed on someone Sunday, and Stefano from Last Rites is just the artist to step up and render Chet Zar's painting onto skin. So, if you are interested in having Stefano from Last Rites tattoo the image Chet creates through out the weekend on Sunday, email in a photo of the body part you would like to get tattooed to ChetZarTattoo(at)TattooGathering(dot)com. Chet Zar's images have been tattooed many times in the past, this is an opportunity to have a unique piece of Chet Zar artwork created with body flow and tattooing in mind. Note: Stefano's normal rates do apply.


Hotel Rooms and Shawn Barber Seminars Sold Out! Condos and Vacation Village rooms going fast

Shawn Barber Sold out

Painting of Marissa by Shawn Barber, who once again sold out his seminars!

Jiminy Peak has sold out of their single hotel rooms. There are a few 2 and three bedroom condos still available if you call (413) 738-5500 and tell them you are with the Tattoo Gathering. So ask your friends who's going and hasnt gotten their rooms yet, or bring some friends along! If you need your single rooms, don't fear yet, the resort across the way has rooms available still, click here to book em before they go! Also, the two Shawn Barber seminars are now sold out.  We would suggest registering for any seminars soon, while you can always take some great classes without pre-registering, if there are any seminars you want to make *sure* you get into then sign up soon! 


Chet Zar Painting at Visionary Tattoo Fest

Chet Zar Paradise Artist Retreat

Chet Zar will be painting LIVE at the Visionary Tattoo Arts Festival in Asbury Park, New Jersey from July 29 - 31st.  What is very exciting is Chet Zar will be painting the Paradise Tattoo Gathering 2012 poster in person!  The TattooNOW team will be there to watch the event so come and meet us in New Jersey, this will be something to see!


Big Gus to co-host Black and Grey Seminar with Bob Tyrrell

Bob Tyrrell Big Gus tattoo seminar

A little tweaking to the seminar schedule has happened, Bob Tyrrell will be hosting his black and grey tattooing seminar with Big Gus. We're sad to say that Shane will be in Europe this September, but we hope he will join us in 2012 in Keystone Colorado. 


Nathan Kostechko Just Confirmed!

Hand Tattoo

Nathan Kostechko, the now perpetually traveling tattoo artist, will be returning to sling his many styles onto the bodies of lucky recipients at the Paradise Gathering 2011.TattooNOW recently did an interview with Nathan, probing into his history and current outlook. For those of you traveling to the Gathering and showing interest in getting tattooed by Nathan this snippet into his life may be the final push to contact him and set up an appointment!

Do you feel tattooing is a "fine art" or "work for hire"?

- tattooing is 'tattooing'. its not a 'fine art' or 'work for hire', tattooing is it's own entity. the only way to learn is from a master or by just going for it and trying it out. I think everyone needs to stop worrying about being considered an 'artist'. Just tattoo, that's what it is. it's a form of art.

How do you feel about tattooing being accepted into the mainstream culture?

-for me being a tattoo artist, it helps because more and more people want to get tattooed. unfortunately a lot of people feel they know a lot about tattooing because of TV, but the way they portray it on those shows is actually not how it is at all. I feel every major company out there is jumping on the bandwagon. from energy drinks to designer clothing labels, it's a great way to pin point who's a sell out and doing it just for the money. what does it take to give up what you stand for? MONEY! trust me i've done it, luckily I learned my lesson and backed out of these opportunities I thought were good. it will be funny when mainstream culture gets over it, and all the people who tattoo to be 'rockstars' are not 'rockstars' anymore and there just another tattooer. in the end your gonna have to be good to stick it out. I hope that tattooing become illegal again. that way if your really all about tattooing you will have to hide out underground to continue. The die hard collectors will have to know how to get in touch, it would be amazing. A secret art society.


Check out the interview in full at www.TattooNOW.com...


Photography Seminar confirmed

photography for tattooing seminar

Registration for Shoot it Right - Taking great photos just opened up!

Registration for Shoot it Right is live now. This seminar is a beginners guide to shooting great photos of your work. In this seminar Mario will cover the basics of photography broke down into these chapters.
1. choosing the right camera and equipment
2. the basic's of photography and camera set up
3. choosing the right location to shoot
4. shooting your artwork
5. portfolio presentation

Register today!


More seminars sold out, Dvds almost gone again

nick baxter tattoo seminar

Nick Baxter's  seminar is not sold out, register today!

Craola's seminar is now sold out, as are the two workhorse irons machine building workshops. Check out the event schedule and register for any seminars that you want to make sure you get into! We're also starting to put the call out for event volunteers if you want to help out this year.  Also, the last run of "Keeping Sharp" DVDs is almost sold out again, maybe a half dozen DVDs left! Pick one up quick if you wanna check out 2+ hours of whats to come! 


Gogue/Norris Seminar announced, and online booking!

cory norris jeff gogue seminar

Tomorrow's Tattooing Today Seminar from Jeff Gogue & Cory Norris

We are excited to announce a seminar from two of tattooing leading artists, Jeff Gogue and Cory Norris. These two should need no introduction around these parts, registration is open is probably not worth sleeping on. Speaking of sleeping, Jiminy Peak now has online booking only one click away! Make sure you use the code TATTOO cause otherwise you wont get far. Still have to call in for the condos. Rooms, tickets, and registrations are moving fast. 


One seminar sold out, others on their way!

craola seminar

Painting by Greg "Craola" Simkins. His seminar will sell out soon!

Of course not all of the seminars on the event schedule will sell out, but one is already filled up with other seminar sell outs on the way. If you are coming to the Paradise Tattoo Gathering and want to insure your spot in your favorite tattoo and art seminars, register soon! 


Artist List updated.

megan hoogland tattooTattoo by Megan Hoogland

We updated the tattoo artist list a little bit as we get our final confirmations in. Liorcifer has confirmed his black and grey horror seminar on saturday afternoon. Rooms are still booking up, we would slack any, and there are a few seminars that will be selling out very soon, so make sure you register soon for the ones you want to make sure you get into! Thanks again for making these events happen!


Tattoo Gathering Seminar Registration is open!

Artwork by Chet Zar & Tattoo by Stefano

Holy moses, seminar registration went live about two weeks ago and they have been coming in so fast we didn't realize our home page news said that it wasn't open yet, ack! Well, heres your official notice tickets and seminar registrations for the 2011 Paradise Tattoo Gathering September 16-19 are moving faster than ever, so if you are sure you are coming to the show make sure you register in advance to secure your spots. Thanks again everyone for the support!


Seminar Registration almost live!

Registration for the tattoo seminars will open up very soon, the schedule is almost final. Thanks for all the emails and early ticket sales. We are still giving T-Shirts to the early bird weekend ticket sales. Also got confirmation that Juan Salgado from Puerto Rico will be joining us again this September. Heres one of his newer tattoos. 

juan salgado


New Tattoo Gathering ads are almost done.

These ads will be featured in Tattoo Society, Tattoo Artist Magazine, and Prick Magazine. We will have smaller ads in our other favorite international magazines, Tattoo Revolution and Custom Tattooz. 

paradise tattoo gathering


Paradise Tattoo Gathering Ticket/T-Shirt Special is going away soon

If you are heading to the Paradise Tattoo Gathering this september 15th-18th, then buy your tickets early to get a free T-Shirt! We've just about hit our early sale target, and will close the special within the week. I have the seminar schedule finalized, and will be posting it very very soon! 


Crayola seminar listed, and many descriptions.

 crayola seminar

We are happy to have added Greg "Crayola" Simkins to the seminar listings. A lot of descriptions have been added, and we will have dates and times, prices, and registration up very soon. The tattoo artist list is near final, and we are very honored to be hosting so many talented tattooers. Please book your rooms early as the Gathering sells out the resort every year, and this being our fourth year we expect it to sell out fast. And if the early numbers are any indication, well, just saying it can't hurt to get on that. Weekend passes are also moving, and the first bunch get a free t-shirt, so, why wait?


More confirmed Tattoo Seminars and Artists

 Piranha tattooWe are cranking away here on the Paradise Tattoo Gathering 2011. More tattoo artists have been confirmed, and we are excited that BJ Betts will be bringing his seminar to the Gathering, and Jeff Gogue will be returning to do his. Check out the event list with a near complete list of seminars and workshops. This pirahna tattoo was done by Alex DePase whose portfolio we just updated. 


Tattoo convention updates!

More tattoo artists have confirmed for the show and been added, and we will be adding more artists tomorrow and the next day, thanks for being patient. Heres a tattoo from Johan who recently confirmed. Save the dates, these tattoo conventions will be ones not to miss!

buddha temple tattoo


Tattoo artists list and seminar list updated

Welp, we have added on a few new tattoo artists who have confirmed for the show, and we will be adding more artists as details emerge. The tattoo seminar and workshop list has also seen some action with many of the seminars being confirmed. Details will emerge in the next month or so, with more artists and semianrs being confirmed, so keep checking back! 


New Paradise Tattoo Gathering website near complete

Paradise Tattoo GatheringSo bear with some of the kinks as we work them out today and tomorrow. We needed to get the new info up, though, so here it is!  We have a lot to update and are working hard, so check back in a few days!



More inspiring than ever!!!

Once again its time to thank all the artists who came out to the Paradise Artist Retreat last weekend to create a truely magical experiance. This is the third year artists from all over the world traveled out to Jiminy Peak for four days of learning and art creation, only this time the focus wasnt on tattooing the clients, but on the artists, their personal visions, networking, good times, and alpine sliding, of course. Watching over a hundred artists create and learn together was truly inspiring, and while the buzz of tattoo machines is familiar, the sound of 80 completely focused artists figure drawing simply amazing.

The Tattoo Gathering is a very relaxed time, but taking away the stress of tattooing allowed everyone to focus on their art, creating new, and rekindling old friendships. In the past, many artists would compliment the Tattoo Gathering as a reminder of the tattoo conventions of the past, and while thats an incredible compliment we hope to keep up, what happened last weekend seemed to really break new ground for the future, at least for me. While its an honor to have the oppertunity to tattoo peoples skins, without the stress of tattooing artists we're really able to focus on the other very important parts of tattoo conventions: the sharing, the camaraderie, the learning, the teaching, and the vision. Without the blood. You betcha we will be doing it again. Cant happen soon enough. Be on the lookout for updates soon.


But before planning more retreats and before diving right back into the Tattoo Gathering, I need to finish thanking folks for the retreat. Thanks to Guy and Michelle, without whom we would have really taken a full year off of the show, and without whom we never would have had the balls to remove tattooing from a tattoo event. Shawn Barber was a working machine all weekend, and his influence on the tattoo world is just getting started. His brutal honesty and dedication to art makes him unstoppable. Chris Dingwell was also extremely generous with his time, helping many artists all weekend with the figure drawing and still life. Thanks to the other seminar teachers, Nick Baxter, Kim Reed, Adrian Dominic, and Kim Ripley. Switching to the production team, Mary and Brian are the best and awesome, as the rest of the staff are too. Of course there were many many others who made this event possible and if I could, Id thank every one. Consider yourself thanked! Lastly, please email us any feedback you have, and we will get back to kicking buttocks on the Paradise Tattoo Gathering 2011 and 2012 and figure out when and where the next retreat will be!

guy aitchison painting

Guy Aitchison Painting

chris dingwell painting

Chris Dingwell doing his thang.

shawn barber painting guy aitchison

Painting of Guy Aitchision by Shawn Barber

shawn barber class

Shawn Barber showing whats up.

landscape painting class

Landscape painting class was led by Kim Reed. This is one of the students.

The kids had a blast, and took their own seminars.

and of course, the way we found the place, the alpine slide.


Paradise Artist Retreat Photos

  Well the fun has started and going full steam at the Paradise Artist Retreat!

   So many great works of art being created side by side at a the Jiminy Peak Ski resort in Western Massachusettes!

  We have started posting photos of the events and artworks at this link--- coverage .

Stop by and check out the goings on Or come  and see us in person in Hancock, MA on top of the Berkshires


Paradise Artist REtreat is next weekend!

 alpine slide

Well, the year has zipped by us, and once again tattooers will meet in the tiny town of hancock mass at Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort to create art and learn and teach. This year its a little different with no tattooing but still over a hundred artists are coming out to create and expand their vision! Artist passes are still available, sign up today!

artist retreat


One month away, artists, sign up quick!

owl paintingOne month away! Well, we have just over 90 artists signed up for the Paradise Artist Retreat, which starts one month from now! The first 100 artists registered get free admission to the opening party on Thursday, after the 100 the event will cost an extra 25 beans, so register today! This event is perfect ofr tattooers looking to gain knowledge and inspiration, as well as apprentices, apprentice wannabes, and even artists who have no interest in tattooing, but want to take part in the group art creation extravaganza! Also, book your rooms, and get on the shuttle asap! Owl painting by Bez.

The list of registered artists include Guy Aitchison, Shawn Barber, Nick Baxter, Chris Dingwell, Dana Helmuth, Bez, Ivy Gowen, Joshua Ruff, Nadine mitchell, Kevin Bledsoe, seth mushrush, Dragon Lily Tattoo, derek brown, robert medick, Erik Campbell, damon conklin, Gerald Thomas, Jason Swanson, john chamberlin, Art Root jr., Kim White, Alisha Morgan, Ariel Robinson, Anna Michener, Brian Norwalk, Juliette Hannan, Juliette Hannan, Ryan Thompson, Russell Fisch, Brian Taylor, Amy Nicholls, Philip Robertson, Alisha Morgan, Sorin Gabor, John Garancheski, David Allen, Jay Strange, steve Peace, jen lowery, Mary Muscarella, Russell Abbott, Joseph Pasternak, timothy warner, Robert Ward, Caroline Evans, Larry Brogan, Josh Reynolds, Tony Mancia, Tee Jay, Orrin Hurley, Christian Perez, Dee Dee Seruga, TY McEwen, Marvin Silva, Nathan Kostechko, K.E. McEvoy, steve moore, Derek Harrison, Bili Vegas, cameron miller, Benjamin Duarte, stephen dasti, shelldon bowers, Diego gonzalez, LIZI SAGE JIM GAMBELL, Robert Hendrickson, Josh Fields, Caryl Cunningham, Caryl Cunningham, Kenneth Bliss, Adam Forero, Matthew Hays, Thaddeus Minnick, Will Gonzalez, Shawn Williams, JUAN SALGADO, kimberly reed, gianluca fascetto, Ron Mor, Jessica Lange, Morgan Haberle, Sigrun Hornberger, Amanda Allen, Michael Williams, Jeff Johnson, Kelly Doty, Chloe Vanessa, Ben Reigle, Tim Senecal, Marc Blanchard, Hector Cedillo, Ivana, and mike cannistraro. thanks to all the artists coming out, this event will be very special!


painting above by canman.


Paradise Artist Retreat is coming up!

We gearing up for an amazing art retreat this September 16-19 as artist registrations come in every day. If your an artist and register in the next week or so, admission to the opening party will be included. After the first hundred artists register, the opening party will cost ya an extra 25 bucks. So sign up now if your planning on coming! It is worth registering for the art seminars and workshops too, as they will start selling out this week. Also, look for the write-up on the retreat in this months Prick Magazine, or check it out here. Thanks guys!

Paradise Artist Retreat

And to leave you with a little eye candy, Check out this painting from one of the artists coming this year, Jeff Gogue.

Jeff Gogue


More featured artists and seminars added!

 Things are really picking up for this years artist retreat. We have updated the art seminar page with more current listings and paypal links. We also added a seminar for kids 2-12, and some organized childcare. check out the complete listing to secure your spots! We have also added a few new artists to the featured list.

Adrian Dominic, who will also be giving a painting with photoshop seminar on friday night.

Adrian Dominic Artwork

and longtime TattooNOW artist member Joe Pasternak

joe pasternak art

Ok, more coming soon, thanks to all the artists involved for making these events a success!


2-3 female figure models wanted for Paradise Artist Retreat

Wanted: 2-3 female figure models for a 4 day artist gathering at the Jiminy Peak Resort on Sept. 16-19. You will be needed for 2 hours each morning, from 10:30 to 12:30 or possibly a little longer. On Saturday the 18th, you'll be needed for two sessions with a 90 minute break in between. All of the morning sessions will be nude poses, including a series of quick gestures followed by a single long pose. The additional Saturday session will be a clothed head-and-shoulders only pose for a portrait painting session. All sessions will be in front of a fairly large group of 60-100 artists. Some experience is preferred because of the longer poses; all body types will be considered. We're offering $15 per hour plus reasonable travel expenses. For more information, click here to email us.

More artists added to featured list

 Well, its on folks, and we are excited by all the artists who are signing up for this years Paradise Artist Retreat! Check out the featured artist list to see why we are getting pretty jacked up for this fall! We will start featuring the artists who will be coming to create art this September. If your an artist you need to check the seminar list, get your artist passes and book your rooms soon! We have sold out the resort the last two years. In the meantime, check out some of these wonderful pieces of art!

  • Skull Painting by Muriel

    Murial skull painting

  • Painting by Corry Norris

    fusion tattoo ink

  • Painting by Christian Perez

    Christian Perez painting



Paradise Artist Retreat in full swing!

Hey there folks, now that Hell City Columbus is a fun thing of the past and not a looming deadline for fun, we're gearing up for the Paradise Artist Retreat in September (right after Hell City Arizona in August, ha)! There is an amazing lineup of artists all gathering again at Jiminy Peak this September to create art, and learn from the many seminars and discussion panels. If you thought the Tattoo Gathering was a great educational laid back time, you wont want to miss this year either, as the artwork produced will be quite spectacular! Enrollment is open, bring your artwork medium of choice. If you are an artist, then come and create with everyone! Click here to find out more and buy passes.

paradise artist retreat

 Of course we love tattooing, and the Tattoo Gathering will return in 2011. 



Paradise Artist Retreat - Artist Passes on sale!

Paradise Artist Retreat

Thanks to all the artists registering for this years Paradise Artist Retreat, this event is shaping up nicely and promises to be just as unique and inspiring as the gathering! If you are an artist and want to come paint alongside and take workshops and seminars from some of the tattoo industries most talented fine artists, register for the Paradise Artist Retreat today! 


Paradise Artist Retreat Registration underway!

Paradise Artist Retreat Thanks to the many artists who have already registered for the 2010 Paradise Artist Retreat! Shifting the focus from tattooing to painting, this year over one hundred artists will be painting together for four days in the hills of Western Massachusetts while attending numerous seminars and workshops. The curriculum will led by Guy Aitchison, Shawn Barber, Nick Baxter, Cory Kruger, Chris Dingwell, and Tom Strom and others. Artists will spend four days painting and learning outside during the day, and inside at night. Each day there will be two seminars and one discussion panel; there will also be figure and portrait drawing workshops from a human model. A live webcast of the event will be promoted heavily on TattooNOW.

Painting passes are $150 per artist for four days, which includes entry into the discussion panels and seminars with Guy Aitchison and Shawn Barber. The first hundred artists to buy passes also receive free entry into the opening party including a great meal! Other seminars have an additional fee. All artists must provide their own supplies, canvas and materials. You will need a portable, collapsable easel. We recommend ordering one from Dick Blick. This afforadble easel will accommodate both the performance and display of your work. If you produce more than one piece, we have alternative ways of displaying art as well. First 20 artists to sign up will receive a free signed print of the Paradise Artist Retreat poster!

The retreat will be open to the public, and many of the works created over the weekend will be auctioned off online, and in person. Merchandise, including prints and clothing, of the artwork created can be sold on consignment via ParadiseArtistRetreat.com and TattooNOW.com for a fee. There will be a book/DVD documenting the weekend, with large quality shots of the artwork produced, as well as candid interviews and in progress photos.


Cost: $150


Paradise Artist Retreat - Artist Passes on sale!

The Paradise Artist Retreat will be held September 16-19 2010.

Shifting the focus from tattooing to painting, this year over one hundred artists will be painting together for four days in the hills of Western Massachusetts while attending numerous seminars and workshops. The curriculum will led by Guy Aitchison, Shawn Barber, Nick Baxter, Cory Kruger, Chris Dingwell, and Tom Strom and others. Artists will spend four days painting and learning outside during the day, and inside at night. Each day there will be two seminars and one discussion panel; there will also be figure and portrait drawing workshops from a human model. A live webcast of the event will be promoted heavily on TattooNOW.

Painting passes are $150 per artist for four days, which includes entry into the discussion panels and seminars with Guy Aitchison and Shawn Barber. The first hundred artists to buy passes also receive free entry into the opening party including a great meal! Other seminars have an additional fee. All artists must provide their own supplies, canvas and materials. You will need a portable, collapsable easel. We recommend ordering one from Dick Blick. This afforadble easel will accommodate both the performance and display of your work. If you produce more than one piece, we have alternative ways of displaying art as well. First 20 artists to sign up will receive a free signed print of the Paradise Artist Retreat poster!

The retreat will be open to the public, and many of the works created over the weekend will be auctioned off online, and in person. Merchandise, including prints and clothing, of the artwork created can be sold on consignment via ParadiseArtistRetreat.com and TattooNOW.com for a fee. There will be a book/DVD documenting the weekend, with large quality shots of the artwork produced, as well as candid interviews and in progress photos.


Cost: $150


Artist Retreat just about confirmed

Same weekend 2010, more painting, no tattooing. details soon!

Paradise Tattoo Gathering 2011 dates have been set!

The Paradise Tattoo Gathering will return in 2011 from September 16th to the 18th. We are re-creating the invite list and the seminar list. The fun begins again!

Paradise Tattoo Gathering Photos

Hi all,
Well today we have some more updates to view on Paradise Tattoo Gathering .
Thanks again to Dawn, Kim, Mike,Jay and Uploader for the photos you have supplied. They are all great with lots of moments to drink in from the convention.

Dawn's website DawnSteeves.com will have some postings also to her portfolio. She did a great job covering all of the goings on at the event.

Anyone else interested in posting their photos to the website contact through--PTG Forum at top of page or email otmuploader@comcast.net.

Thanks for another successful Paradise Tattoo Gathering!

Well, I cant thank everyone enough for the amazing time at the Paradise Tattoo Gathering a few weeks ago. While the Gathering is a lot of hard work, it the favorite of my three jobs. Between the artists teaching, the artists learning, artists tattooing, the collectors collecting, and the staff facilitating, there is enough positive energy to... well... to do something (I guess we will find out what!). Special thanks to Guy Aitchison for brining his two seminars, and another whopper of a special thanks to Bob Tyrrell, who was teaching and tattooing and has earned the impeccable reputation he is well known for. While we are sticking to our guns, there will be no Tattoo Gathering next year, we are making final arrangements to host the Paradise Artists Retreat the same weekend. While there will be no tattooing, there will be plenty of painting, a few seminars, a few forums, and a lot more rest for us! Keep the same weekend open, and there will be more details to follow, as well as confirmation for 2011's Gathering dates. Thanks again, see you soon!

Last Call for Paradise Tattoo Gathering Presale Tickets!

Time is running out to get your presale tickets for the Paradise Tattoo Gathering! Ticket prices are lower for presale, so if you want to save some dough and avoid the lines get your tickets online today! Ticket sales will be CLOSED Tuesday September 15th at midnight, so you still have about a day and a half to get yours! With any questions please call 413.527.6574. Thanks for supporting the show and we'll see you all soon!

Dan Dos Santos Class supply List!

For those planning on taking Dan Dos Santos three day intensive workshop, here is the supply list! There are still openings for the seminar, so if your an artist attending the show, pick up your supplies and get to this workshop!! SUPPLIES: To gain the most from the class, it is advised that you work in as similar a method to me as possible. By doing so, I can help you easier, and you are more likely to achieve similar results to my own work. Of course, media is a personal preference, and you are welcome to use whatever materials you see fit. I am not experienced in all media, but the underlying theories we will be dealing with should be applicable to all materials. Further more, if you chose to, you may simply spectate during the class; participation is advised but not required. Below is my minimum requirement of materials needed to create a painting typical of my professional work. SURFACE: 20x30 inch; Strathmore 500 series Illustration Board; 20 ply (may be cut down to size). To prepare, apply 3 coats of diluted gesso to each side, alternating sides between coats. Gesso should be diluted to the consistency of heavy cream. Allow coat to fully dry before flipping over. http://www.dickblick.com/products/strathmore-500-series-cold-press-illustration-board/ PAINTS: Again, you are free to use type of paint in the class, but all demonstrations will be conducted in oils. I primarily use Rembrandt brand oil paints, but a few colors are unavailable in the brand. For those, I use Windsor & Newton. The asterisk denotes those colors which I find are absolutely necessary. The other colors are highly recommended, but optional. OIL PAINTS: Alizarin Crimson *** Rose Madder Cadmium Red Medium *** Cadmium Yellow Medium *** Cadmium Yellow Light *** Indian Yellow Yellow Ochre Light Yellow Ochre *** Transparent Red Oxide Burnt Umber Permanent Yellowish Green *** Sap Green *** Viridian Green Manganese Blue Phthalo *** Ultramarine Blue Light *** Phthalo Turquoise Blue Raw Umber *** Ivory Black *** Titanium White *** ACRYLIC PAINT: Burnt Umber *** Indian Yellow Magenta red Cyan Blue MEDIUM: A medium is that which you mix with your paint to alter it's properties. My medium consists of: 1 part refined Linseed Oil 1 part odorless Turpenoid *** About 5 drops of Cobalt Drier (mix together in a baby food sized jar) BRUSHES: I use a variety of brushes, but the most important are large flat bristle brushes, and synthetic filberts in all sizes. PALETTE: I typically use a wood palette, but for the purpose of this class, a large disposable palette will do. An airtight box to store the palette in is highly recommended. MISCELLANEOUS: Paper Towels or Rags *** Sketchbook *** Pencil *** Eraser *** Krylon Workable Fixative *** 2 blank CDs or a flash drive *** Supply box Laptop Drawing tablet Digital Camera *** IF YOU KNOW SOMEONE ELSE ATTENDING THE CLASS, I RECOMMEND SHARING SUPPLIES SINCE YOU WILL ONLY NEED A SMALL AMOUNT OF EACH OF THESE MATERIALS. OF COURSE, SURFACES, PALETTES, AND BRUSHES ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO SHARE. *** SYLLABUS: DAY 1: Theory, Concepts, Model Shoot, Drawing DAY 2: Drawing, Underpainting, Painting DAY 3: Painting, Scanning, Digital Adjustments To see an overview of the process we will be exploring, I recommend reviewing the tutorials found here: moon_called_how_to.pdf implied_tutorial.zip www.dandossantos.com

Big Gus at Paradise Tattoo Gathering

Well the 2009 Paradise Tattoo Gathering is quickly approaching--- Sept. 17th through the 20th .
Paradise Tattoo Gathering
Big Gus is still finalizing his tattoo appointments and there are some time slots free.
The convention is less than a week away so if you are interested in getting work done by Big Gus get in touch quick.
You can contact him through his Artist Page on this website.

Carlos Rojas Tattoo Scheduling

Carlos Rojas has some time free for the 2009 Paradise Tattoo Gathering!! The convention is under a week away and located in Hancock, MA.
Paradise Tattoo Gathering
Feel free to see more of Carlos Rojas' works and contact him on this website's Artist List .
Hurry because time slots may fill up fast!

TattooNOW Seminar at the Gathering!

On Sunday september 20th from 2-3 the TattooNOW staff will discuss marketing yourself on the web and how to build a broader clientele of people who are actively researching tattoos. We'll cover basics of using your TattooNOW account as well as tips and tricks on getting yourself more traffic. This tutorial and informal Q&A session is open to current clients who want to learn about better utilizing their site or any artist wondering whats up with the hype. If you ever had any questions on TattooNOW or getting your own custom high traffic website, nows the time! If you are not a TattooNOW artist member, bring a USB with tattoo pictures and $100 to set up your own TattooNOW account on the spot if you like what you see.

Jeff Gogue's Gut Level Tattooing Seminar Added Last Minute!

Because other seminars have been so successful with pre-registration, we decided to add Jeff Gogue's Gut Level Tattooing Seminar to the roster! He'll also be sharing a tattoo booth with Bob Tyrrell. The seminar is scheduled for Friday the 18th from 8:30-11:30. Now is the time to reserve your space, other seminars have filled up quickly and we expect Jeff's to do the same. For full details check out the events section of our site! Total cost is $150 click on the link below to reserve your spot now with a $50 deposit!

Pre-Registration for Bob Tyrrell's Seminar is full!

Bob Tyrrell's black and gray tattooing seminar is now officially closed for pre-registration. The seminar is September 20 from 3-6 and will cost $150. We will be taking 10-20 more tattoo artists to attend the seminar at the door, so if you want a chance to get in show up early! It will be first come first serve! Make sure to check out our events page for the full list of other tattoo and painting seminars available!

Tattoo Gathering is a month and a day away!

If you havnt booked your rooms, do it now. If you havnt booked your custom tattoo appointment, do it now. If you havnt registered for the painting or tattoo seminars you want to take, do it now cause two seminars and workshops have sold out already and the others are on their way. This weekend will be a paradise for tattoo artists and collectors alike!

Pulse Tattoo Machine workshop sold out!

Welp, the Pulse Build your own tattoo machines workshop is sold out. If you are a tattooer or apprentice you should check out the list of seminars and workshops and get your deposits in! Dan Dos Santos and Sean Barber's workshops both have small class sizes, and the other seminars have a very real chance of selling out too. Last year two tattoo seminars sold out with over 60 artists packing the rooms, so dont wait until its too late!

Looking for Tattoo apprentices to volunteer!

If you are a tattooer and coming to the Paradise Tattoo Gathering, then poke your tattoo apprentice in the ribs (if your a tattoo apprentice then poke yourself in the ribs) and get them to volunteer for a day or two. Its a lot of fun work and not only do you get to meet all sorts of interesting people, but you also get a special volunteer T-Shirt! If you are interested then fill out our volunteer application at http://www.tattoogathering.com/volunteer/. Thanks a ton!

New Fresh Tattoos!

The Paradise Tattoo Gathering tattoo galleries are updating nearly every day now with fresh new tattoos! In the last week or so we have seen new tattoos from Joe Capobianco, Nick Baxter, Shawn Barber, Orrin Hurley, Eva Huber, Holly Azzara, Dana Helmuth, Canman, Todo, Nathan Kosthecko, Christopher Allen, TIm Harris, and maybe even a few more. There are over 5125 tattoos in the galleries thesedays! In any event, check out the tattoos and shoot some emails if you want to book time with any of these artists! Many artists book themselves at the show, and many make tattoo appointments in advance. Cant hurt to email your tattoo artist today!

Tattoo Gatheirng is less than two months away!

Its very exciting, the 2nd Paradise Tattoo Gathering is less than two months away! Books are steadily being booked, seminar deposits are coming in, and tattoo appointments are being hooked up! Check out our event list to see the amazing lineup of seminars and workshops. Tattoo artists, you can tattoo any weekend, this is the weekend for kicking your game up and learning the lessons from the masters! Hope to see you soon! (Photo by Dana Helmuth)

Book your rooms and condos!

There are condos and rooms available, so if your planning on coming to the Paradise Tattoo Gathering from September 17th-20th then you still have time to get a room at the resort. Call (413) 738-5500 and tell them you are with the convention. $109 a night per room. Tell your friends, and make your plans, the resort sold out last year!

Over 5,000 tattoos in the Gathering Gallery!

Hey folks, there are nor over 5000 tattoos in the website gallery! Recent updates include new tattoos from the likes of Bob Tyrrell, Tony Ciavarro, Joe Capobianco, Kim Saigh, Nikko Hurtado, Big Gus, Dee Dee Seruga, Todo, Tim Harris, Kelly Gormley, Orrin Hurley, Tattoo Andy, Eva Huber, Mark Blanchard, and many many more. There are over 6,000 unique tattoo researchers surfing through the Paradise Tattoo Gathering tattoo gallery every day, so if you are an artist working the show, keep updating those tattoos!

Tattoo Gathering is 3 months away!!!

Hey folks! Well, the Paradise Tattoo Gathering is a mere three months away so its time to register for your seminars, book your rooms, and purchase those pre-sale tickets! We are very excited to have three multi-day workshops. Guy Aitchison has recently announced he will be doing a 2 day workshop Wednesday and Thursday, Dan Dos Santos will bring his amazing realistic fantasy illustration techniques to lucky tattooers in a three day mega-seminar Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and Shawn Barber will hold a two day portrait workshop first thing Thursday and last thing Sunday. All these workshops are limited to 20 tattoo artists, so really, get your deposits in asap! Also, the Tattoo Gathering website is updating all the time with new tattoos, so dont be a stranger, check out the new tattoos and if you are looking to get tattooed, contact the artist now! Thanks again for all the support, with your help this year is gonna kick last years buttocks!

Thanks for the tattoo industry support!

As we are hustling the Paradise Tattoo Gathering this year, we cant thank our sponsors enough. Their money, support, and energies are helping us kick this years show up a notch (or two!)! The Paradise Tattoo Gathering 2009 is sponsored by Pulse Tattoo Machines, Hell City Tattoo Fest, Alla Prima Ink, Stencil Stuff, MikeColeArt.com, and JoeCapobianco.com. The show is co-hosted by TattooNOW and Off the Map Tattoo.

Paradise Tattoo Gatheirng tickets are moving!

Thanks to all the tattoo artists and tattoo collectors already planning ahead and buying tickets and reserving rooms. The resort is moving rooms and condos (only 8 2 bedroom condos left!) and weekend passes. If you are a tattoo artist looking to kick your game up, or a serious collector who wants in on the custom tattoo action, nows the time to secure your spot! The resort sold out last year, so dont miss your chance to stay right at Jiminy Peak!

New interview with Guy Aitchison.

Guy Aitchison was kind enough to answer a few questions for a short interview. Topics covered range from the new edition of Reinventing the Tattoo, to tattoo conventions, and how art can change history! More short but good interviews to come!

Tattoo Gathering Tickets on sale!

Tickets to the next Paradise Tattoo Gathering are on sale now. Get your artist or collector weekend passes now, and get a signed 11x17 Poster signed by Tom Strom! Signed posters are limited so if you are planning on coming, get your tickets now to get your poster and help us pay those mounting bills!

Thank for our first tattoo article Skin Deep!

Skin Deep is the first tattoo magazine to do any coverage for our projects, and we couldn't be happier that it started with a beautiful 8 page spread with kind words and photos!. Neil took quite the long journey to get here, but he had a great time and pretty much got exactly what we were trying to do! He has a way with words and took some nice photos of the right things (including some of the brilliant tattoos done that weekend). Pick up this months issue today!

Getting ready for the next tattoo convention!

Happy Holidays all, we are excited to get rolling and hustling the 2009 Paradise Tattoo Gathering! We have a lot of great workshops, seminars, discussion panels, and more planned so stay tuned right after the New Years for the latest and greatest news!

Success! Thanks, and send us your Documentation!

Wow, where to start. The Paradise Tattoo Gathering was a near complete success. The focus on responsible education for tattoo artists, the quality of personable artists tattooing and attending the show, the quality of tattoo collector getting tattooed, and the resort location itself all came together to create a unique weekend of tattooing that hopefully wont be forgotten too soon. It hit me half way through the weekend that not only were people learning tips, tricks, and all about what tattooing has to offer, they were also learning that giving back responsibly is how we all get ahead together. From the feedback we have received, nearly everyone had a great time and is eager to do it again. Indeed, each success is really just a new start and we are happy to take any constructive criticism or ideas about what you would like to see in the future, and we are excited to work hard to kick it up a notch at least one more time. We are settling dates as we speak. We have a few pages of notes of things to improve, feel free to send more! If you have any photos or digital videos, or any sort of documentation of the gathering, please contact us. Keep checking back for dates, the resort sold out pretty fast last year, and rooms will go quicker next time. The website will be updated a few times a week with new tattoos, news, and videos. The online tattoo gathering is 24/7! Rumors of a DVD have been heard too, we will know more next week. So, we thanked everyone before the event, now that the gathering has been a success, one more round are deserved. Thanks to everyone at Jiminy Peak, they were awesome, very helpful, and we cant thank them enough for hosting everyone. The smoothness of the event was insured by Durb and Tony of Hell City fame, Mike, Steve, and Khalil fixed the problems throughout the weekend, Jeff Solin for being on the mic and competitions, Mary for the smooth checkin and admissions process, all the working artists were simply amazing and the collectors, fellow artists, and health department had nothing but nice things to say about the professionalism of the working artists. Special thanks to the artists who took part in the discussion panels, taught seminars, critiqued work (Extra thanks to Joe and Durb!!!), and to the machine builders for their workshops. Joe created a great witch and Brett from Pulse did a great job on the design direction which made everything look great. Thanks to the artists who came from all over to learn - in doing so you insured the events success. We are happy to be able to work hard for you guys and gals next year. Thanks to Skin Deep and Total Tattoo from the UK, and to Tattoo Savage and Prick Magazine for coming out and covering the event. Thanks to Allysa Burnelli for taking photos for the gathering. Thanks to my wife and kid who were able to share my time with a zillion other people after not seeing me for a week and pulled a few running shifts themselves (thanks!!!), Mike the Uploader for uploading photos throughout the weekend (and before and after!), Louie and Shad, Rachel, Susie, Sandi, all the others who covered for a day and those who offered to help even though things were all set (please come back next year, we might need ya!). And to our very patient TattooNOW clients, we're hammering through our list as we speak, we cant thank you enough either. Ok, theres a server calling my name, once we button a few things up we will be announcing more about next year. Thanks again, see ya at Hell City. gabe

Tattoo Gathering Photos from the Toy Barroness on LFickr

The Toy Barroness has uploaded a roll of photos from the 2008 Paradise Tattoo Gathering for you to peek at the fun. Included are photos of the late night dance off.

Hundreds flock to Jiminy -- for tattoos

By Meghan Foley, North Adams Transcript Article Launched: 10/27/2008 10:59:19 AM EDT Monday, October 27 HANCOCK -- Hundreds of tattoo artists, industry followers and curious locals descended upon Jiminy Peak this weekend for a conference that not only focused on the art of tattooing, but also on educating artists on how to do it better. "The main focus of this was for tattoo artists to come in to learn, and they did," Gabe Ripley, organizer of the conference, said Sunday afternoon. Besides being treated to the works of the finest tattoo artists the world has to offer, including Yang Zhuo of Beijing, Alex De Pasa of Italy, Stephane Chaudesaigues of France and Max MacAndrews of Scotland, those attending the conference had opportunities to participate in panel discussions about various aspects of the industry and to take seminars on their craft. "Lots of artists came out here just for the seminars," Johnny Love of Glen Burnie, Md., said. "It really helps everybody better service their clients and customers." Love said the event was "a good thing for the industry." Ripley, who owns Off The Map Tattoo in Easthampton, said he hopes the artists who learned tips and tricks from other artists this weekend will be inspired to do better tattoos and will also learn to give back to the tattoo community. "It's real important when you're marking somebody's skin for the rest of their life -- there is no room for ego or greed," he said. While people attending the conference said they were impressed with the assortment and quality of artists, they also liked its location at the ski resort. "It's a great place for artists to learn from each other, and in such a unique venue as well," said Larry Brogan of Chicago, as he was worked on a "sleeve" -- a full-length arm tattoo -- for Nick Lemay of South Deerfield. Lemay said he came to the conference because he knew Ripley from getting tattoos at his parlor, and he sees Brogan occasionally as well. "It's great. I don't like Boston very much, so it is better than going there," he said. Gail Michaud and Skylen Dailey came from Connecticut for the conference. "It's beautiful here," Michaud said. Dailey, who has been to two tattoo expositions, said the Paradise Tattoo Gathering was not the same old "humdrum" tattoo artistry. She said the art being shown seemed to "pop" the imagination and was "mind blowing." "I think it's definitely a new dawn and day for tattoo artists," she said. Thad Minnick of Warren, Ohio, said having the forums and discussions was an aspect of the tattoo convention that was different from others and was the reason he came to the Paradise Tattoo Gathering. "Tattooing has finally reached a point where tattoo artists are talking to each other," he said. His girlfriend, Amanda White, added, "Communication is making the industry better as a whole." Ripley said three aspects of the Paradise Tattoo Gathering made it different from other conventions: the educational aspect, where the conference was held (tattoo conferences are typically held in cities) and the quality of artists that were hand-picked for their talent and philosophy. "It's great because everybody has been really friendly and willing to talk with other artists about their techniques," said Stacy Blanchard, an apprentice with Spirit Gallery in Franklin, Conn., who was at her first conference. Ripley estimated about 800 people attended the conference, and while that is a relatively small number for a tattoo conference, he said he considered the Paradise Tattoo Gathering a success. "Basically, every artist has given [nearly] 100 percent [positive] feedback," he said. Due to the success of the conference, he said he plans to have a second Paradise Tattoo Gathering at Jiminy around the end of October next year. "It's humbling to see so many people get so much out of this," he said. Taken from http://www.thetranscript.com/ci_10827685

Semi-live tattoo convention coverage!

Semi-live tattoo convention coverage is now posted. If you couldn't make it here, check back to the site every few hours to see whats happening! Thanks to Mike the uploader!

Video Camera crews ready to record tattoos all weekend!

The camera crews have been scheduled and the tapes ordered. So make sure you shave your tattoos and lotion up before coming to the Paradise Tattoo Gathering next weekend! We can get high definition video sweeps of your tattoos every day from 3:30-4:30 at the photo room. Large tattoos (sleeves, backpieces, and bodysuits) are highly encouraged to stop by to document your tattoos in a way still cameras cant! The photo room will have some magazines there too, so if your proud of your tattoo make sure it gets documented properly!

Tattoo Gathering is next week!

After a years worth of hustling and promoting, the Paradise Tattoo Gathering is literally next week! We have checked off most of our list and are anticipating a smooth event due to the amazing help he have onboard, and overwhelming support of the tattoo community. Many amazing artists are pitching in and it is quite inspiring to see how the discussion forums, workshops, seminars, and artist list have come togther. We set out to match serious tattoo artists looking to better themselves and tattoo collectors who really care for the art with forward thinking custom tattoo artists hell bent on pushing their art-form and it seems like there are enough of you out there to make this event a success even in the middle of the Berkshire foothills. You have sold out Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort, and hopefully the neighboring Berkshire Vacation Village soon! Tattoo Artists will be traveling from as far away as Bejing, China and some of the other international guests have already arrived stateside. Many tattoo artists have a lot of appointments booked, but even though all signs are pointing thumbs up this is our first year and we can still use all the help and support we can get to make the event a success. If you dont mind, post up our banner or video on yer blog or bulletins, email your list, let your friends know about the convention, your co-workers, every bit of word of mouth helps, and if we can pull it off the first time maybe we will get a chance to improve the show next year. There are a million tattoo conventions each weekend and we really appreciate you supporting the Tattoo Gathering, we cant thank the artists working and attending enough. But we will try! thanks again, gabe PS TattooNOW will run a "double your money" special at the gathering. For every dollar you spend with TattooNOW, we will give you $2 of credit! Not good for past bills, but certainly good for any future websites, multimedia, advertising, or monthly fees. Contact us at (413) 585-9134 for more details.

Pre-Tattoo Gathering art show in Western Mass

This is a call for submissions for Flash art for a show being held October 18 -26th all artist are welcome .We are looking for your take on traditional tattoo motif's .The show will run during the Paradise tattoo Gathering and will showcase many talents from around the country. We would like painted and framed pieces flash large formats are ok (watercolored is Best) all submissions should be sent to us know later than Oct 17 .If you are interested contact Stephan at 413 499 7014 or stephanlanphear(at)leftysworldfamous(dot)com Thanks for your interest

Tattoo Contest awards are in!

The tattoo contest awards are in! If you think you have a good tattoo and are scoping out one of these fine awards, then make sure you shave and lotion up before coming to the Tattoo Gathering in two weeks! Tattoo contest signup is in at the admissions booth in the welcome center, and judging and awards are given in the Burbank center. Here is the list of categories we will be judging: tattoo of the day, best small and large color tattoo, best small and large black and grey tattoo, best coverup tattoo, best male/female sleeve tattoo, best back tattoo, Best Overall male/female, and lastly the worst tattoo

Three weeks and counting until Paradise Tattoo Gathering!

Welp, we are getting things printed and more things printed and buying things and getting everything in order as the leaves change and fall around us. We are working on selling out the resort next to Jiminy Peak, so theres still time to get tickets and rooms next door. We have some last minute additions to the artist list, and we are excited to be bringing up some more traditional type artists. thanks again to the many many artists traveling in from all over the states, you will not be disappointed! If your hoping to get tattooed this weekend, we highly suggest contacting the artists beforehand. Of course not everyone will be completely booked, and walk ins will be able to get tattooed, it makes for a much better tattoo if you make an appointment and your artists has time to prepare. So check the artist list and send your emails and make your phone calls asap to insure you get the perfect tattoo!

All Tattooing Seminars Confirmed, its Time to Register!

Jeff Gogue has confirmed that he will be teaching his "Gut Level Tattooing" seminar at the Paradise Tattoo Gathering on Sunday rounding out the other amazing seminars being held that weekend! Its time to register for the seminars you are interested in taking to insure you get in. We have sold a lot of artist weekend passes, so it cant hurt to sign up for the seminars before the convention.

Joe Capobianco is kicking it off Friday from 5-8 with his "Dirty Little Secrets" Seminar. Joe is giving a very generous deal to artists with weekend passes, and knocking a hundred bucks off the registration fee! Register in advance at http://www.joecapobianco.com/Tattoo-Seminars//p>

Saturday from 1-4 Nick Baxter and Dan Henk will lead a painting workshop. Everyone will get a set of supplies and actually paint while Nick and Dan walk around giving out personalized tips, pointers, and secrets. Because we need to buy supplies, registering in advance is very necessary! http://www.tattoogathering.com/Paradise-Tattoo-Gathering-Tickets/item2735.html/p>

Mike Devries will be teaching his Realist Tattooing seminar from 9-11 after Saturday's tattooing is done. This is a 2 hour seminar with Mike DeVries discussing his approach and all aspects of tattooing color Portraits and Animals,from the stencil to the final stages,the color theory and technique behind it, Q&A and much more... To pre-register and insure entry, call MD Tattoos at (818) 700-2818/p>

Insuring everyone leaves inspired, Jeff Gogue will teach his Gut Level Tattooing Seminar on Sunday from 12-4. This is a three hour tattooing seminar with a bonus hour devoted to oil painting tips and techniques for any and all attendees. A full color hardbound book will be provided - bring materials for taking notes. http://www.tattoogathering.com/Paradise-Tattoo-Gathering-Tickets/item2783.html

And last, but actually first, if you havnt taken the Health Educators Bloodbourne Pathogens class yet, you should make time on Thursday from 12-5. Kris Lachance will teach you the very latest and greatest health and safety concerns for the tattoo industry. Call (517) 281-7959 to reserve your spot! We have also updated the list of Discussion Panels and workshops that are available to all artist pass holders. The weekend is shaping up quite nicely and we expect everyone to leave with tasty food for thought. Thanks to all the artists for coming out to support this show, you will not be let down!


Tattoo discussion panelists are being confirmed!

Hey folks, check out our event list to see who has confirmed to be on the discussion panels. We expect a little shifting, but they look like they are shaping up nicely! Also, if you are planning on taking the Health Educator's, Joe Capobianco's, Nick Baxter and Dan Henk's, or Mike Devries' seminar, then you should check out their info and sign up asap!

Room block at Berkshire Vacation Resort next door open!

Hotel rooms at Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort are sold out, but Berskshire Vacation Village right next door has a room block open for the Tattoo Gathering. We have already gotten great feedback from artists and collectors who have booked rooms, so we suggest getting in while they still have rooms left! Their phone is (413) 738-2000. "Just booked with the Berkshires Village. Very friendly. They have 2 types of rooms available. Small- 1/2 kitchen, Queen size bed, queen size sofa pull out. Large- full kitchen, King size bed, queen size sofa pull out, jacuzzi. $90.00 plus tax a night for small. $100.00 plus tax a night for large. Went with large for the jacuzzi." - Tattoo Gathering Collector

Get your custom tattoo recorded in high def!

Hey folks, we will have an area set up so we can record your custom tattoo in high definition video. Shave, lotion up, and bring your tattoos, large and small, so we can record them for the archives and future tattoo video projects!

Live Tattoo Convention Coverage!

The plans for the live tattoo convention coverage are solidifying, so if you are too far away to attend the Paradise Tattoo Gathering, then you will be able to view near-live coverage as we publish new photos of what's happening every hour. We are quite excited to be able to offer our friends and families far away the opportunity to see the fun they will have to not miss in the future!

Nick Baxter and Dan Henk Oil Painting Seminar sign-up open!

October 25, 2008 : 1-4
$250 ($25 Deposit will be charged to secure your slot.)
Add to Cart
Dan Henk and Nick Baxter will present a hands-on oil painting seminar at the Paradise Tattoo Gathering on Saturday October 25th. The course will run from 1 to 4 pm and will cost $250. Due to time restraints, some basic knowledge of oil painting is encouraged.

Although recommended for at least the intermediary, anyone from a beginner to an expert is welcome to participate.

This is a learn at your own pace seminar that includes everything from a very brief overview on the basics of oil paint, to medium tricks and even artistic rules and hints.

The seminar is basically broken into two parts. The first part involves a brief lecture on the medium and project at hand, followed by a question and answer section. All of this is fairly short, and meant to be more of a refresher course than an in depth introduction.

At the end of this portion, everyone will have a picture taken with a Polaroid. The Polaroid can be of one's self, or any other easily paintable scene suggested by the attendee.

The second portion involves each individual beginning an oil painting of the subject in the photo. Nick Baxter and Dan Henk will encompass the room, giving each individual encouragement and advice as they work to complete their projects.

The goal is to help each attendee progress with the medium. Paintings aren't necessarily expected to be finished in the 2 1/2 hour seminar, but new techniques and approaches, as well as general art advice, will be dispensed by Dan and Nick.

The approach is a bit akin to an art class, with a little more hands on feel in regards to personal attention.
The relatively short
time is taken into account, and hopefully everyone will leave with something new that advances his or her personal ability.

A canvas is provided, and basic art materials (10 tubes of oil paint, five paint brushes, alkyd medium, terpenoid and a temporary palette).

Individuals are encouraged to bring their own art supplies as well, if they have them.



Mike Devries taking reservations for his Realism Tattooing Seminar.

Insure your place in this 2 hour seminar with Mike DeVries discussing his unique approach and all aspects of color Portraits and Animals, from the stencil to the final stages, the color theory and technique behind it, Q&A and much more... Friday October 24th 9pm - 11pm Course Length: 2 hours Cost: $165.00 To pre-register and insure entry, call MD Tattoos at (818) 702-2818

Resort sold out, but area reservations available!

Hey folks, Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort has sold out of its rooms and condos, but check out our reservations page to see a list of nearby hotels and places to stay! Dont forget to get your weekend passes or day tickets in advance to beat the lines and insure entry! Thanks again for all the support, it helps!

Last Rites artist change up

Paul booth will not be tattooing at the Tattoo Gathering due to personal reasons, but Last Rites will be sending Toxyc and Little Dragon to represent throughout the weekend. Check out their work and book some time while it lasts!

Live tattoo convention coverage!

This year the Paradise Tattoo Gathering will be uploading convention photo coverage in near real time as the event happens. We will be busy taking photos of tattoo artists at work, tattoos in progress, contest entries, as well as finished tattoos. Expect gallery updates at least four times a day, though we will shoot for hourly!

Single day passes to the tattoo convention are available!

We now have single day tattoo collector and tattoo artists passes available for pre-order. Thanks for all the support!

Tattoo Gathering Room Block almost filled up!

We're still 4 months out from the convention, but we are only 10 or so rooms away from selling out our room block! Many tattoo artists are signing up and getting weekend passes, if you are interested in learning get your tickets and book your rooms and dont get left behind! Thanks to all the artists and sponsors for helping to make this event a success!!!

New look, and updated schedule

Hey folks, we updated the look of the Tattoo Gathering website, and updated the schedule of events, workshops, and seminars. We may be tweaking it a bit in the future, but its getting real close to final. Thanks again to all the artists and fans who are buying weekend passes, its helping us pay our bills! Also special thanks to the folks at Hell City Tattoo Fest, Pulse International, Kingpin Tattoo Supply, and all the attending artists for helping getting the word out, its working!

Rethink Your Ink video!


Back from Hell City!

Hey folks, we just got back from the Hell City Tattoo Fest in Columbus Ohio. Durb, Tony, and their awesome crew put on what consider to be the very best tattoo convention in the States. The show was quite the inspiration, and we are excited to get back to work after such an amazing weekend! If you are an artist, you should pick up your rooms and tickets, they are moving faster as the event nears!

3 bedrooms condos sold out, few 2 bedroom condos left!

Welp, we just got around to reserving our rooms for the Paradise Tattoo Gathering this fall, and found out all the three bedroom condos are sold out! There are a few two bedroom condos left, so if your thinking about getting one of the fantastic condos for the show you should call Jiminy Peak asap! We keep moving weekend passes too, so if your planning on attending you shouldn't wait too long to get your passes. The early support for the show is extremely helpful in insuring its success!

Tickets keep moving!

Hey folks, we would like to send out another round of thanks to all the artists and collectors who have purchased tickets in advance! As this is the tattoo conventions first year, the early support helps immensely with the budget, and will help insure the event is a success! While it seems like a pipe dream to sell out a convention hotel the first year, if this pace keeps up it might be reality! So, if your planning on coming, then join the other early birds and make your plans to travel to New England October 23-26th soon!

Reserve your condos now!

Hey folks, the show may be 9 months away but the condos at the Paradise Tattoo Gathering have been moving, so if your planning on coming to the tattoo convention with some friends we would suggest calling and reserving your condos sooner rather than later. The 2 bedroom condos sleep 8 people spaciously, and the 3 bedroom condos sleep 10! Best part, the 2 and 3 bedroom condos are only $109 a night per room! Most include washers and dryers and full kitchens, some include bunk beds and other fun layouts. So give Jiminy Peak a call at 413) 738-5500 and tell them your part of the convention today!

Tickets on sale at the Detroit Tattoo Convention!

Weekend passes will be for sale at the Detroit Tattoo Convention the en of this month. We will have a handful of signed limited edition Joe Capobianco prints of the next Tattoo Gathering poster for some lucky ticket buyers. So if you will be at the Motor City Tattoo Expo and are planning on attending the Tattoo Gathering, stop on by the TattooNOW/Off the Map Tattoo booth and pickup yer tickets early!

TattooNOW Sessions will be filming!

The TattooNOW Sessions film crew has confirmed that they will be on hand at the Paradise Tattoo Gathering next October. They will be filming full length interviews with artists, as well as clients and other convention goers. We said it before and we will say it again, bring your best tattoos all shaved and lotioned up, make em look nice and healthy for the cameras! Also, tickets keep moving, people to artists and collectors from all over the states, and even a few world travelers, so if you know your coming, get your tickets and book your rooms sooner rather than later. Thanks again for everyones support, we will make sure the show is the best we can!

Total Tattoo UK magazine is coming!

We just got confirmation that a reporter/photographer from Total Tattoo UK will be coming to the gathering. So make sure you shave and lotion yer tattoos up to make em look healty and pretty for the cameras!

Pulse tattoo machine workshop confirmed!

Ever had a machine running great, and it just stopped working? Have a machine that overheats? Do you have a machine that skips, or isn’t consistent? Have you built or designed your own machine and need a critique? We’ve had all those things happen, and over the years we have found some successful fixes, tips and tricks to help your machines run better.” Come join the build team from Pulse International – Alex Benoit, Brett Bryan and Tim Brewer. Between them they have built and rebuilt thousands of machines. Their machines and products are used through out the world and are highly regarded. Let them help diagnose your machine problem. Please feel free to join them Sunday for a free diagnostic check of your machine. The team will be available to answer your tattoo machine questions and test and trouble shoot problems you are having. You are welcome to bring any make or style of machine. This workshop will be fun and informative. Limit one machine evaluation per client. There will be no charge for this workshop.

Skin Deep tattoo magazine is coming from the UK!

We have gotten confirmation that Neil from Skin Deep, a leading UK tattoo magazine, will be coming to the Paradise Tattoo Gathering to take photos of the amazing tattoos and interview the world class artists who will be there. Skin Deep is a quality magazine and we are quite honored they will be coming. We will work hard to make our international friends feel right at home!

Mike Devries and Mike Demasi Seminar confirmed!

Welp, its confirmed we will be hosting the "Mike Devries and Demasi color theory and how it applies to realistic and color tattooing" seminar at the tattoo convention this fall! More details about this awesome learning experience to follow! Wait until you get into the brains of those two!

A coupla hundred more amazing tattoos!

We have added a few more tattoo artists and portfolios to the confirmed list. We now have close to 3,000 tattoos in the galleries! We are also quite excited the first month the Paradise Tattoo Gathering website was live it reached over 7,000 unique visitors and December isn't necessarily known as a high traffic month for tattoo websites! We are getting a ton of great feedback from both artists and collectors, so we are quite excited with what the future brings! thanks for all the support!

Postcards out, and more artists and tattoos!

First round of postcards have gone out! People who have signed up for the street team and attending artists will be getting stacks to pass out and help spread the word. Because this is the first year, every bit of help is really appreciated! We have also added some more custom tattoo artists to the confirmed list. We would also like to thank all the artists who are expressing interest in working the show. Right now all the booths spaces have people penciled in, and we are adding people as they accept (or pass for this year) and as we can fit time in to work on the convention. Feel free to contact us to express interest in working the show, but keep in mind the invite list was made months and months ago and many folks on it have very busy schedules. So while confirmations will come in for the next few months, the show is all sold out this year for all intents and purposes. Your best bet for getting in next year will be to buy tickets in advance and to attend to help insure the event is a success so we can do it again(ha!). While here get a brutal critique and attend a seminar or two to kick yer game up. Also if you read this far, any artist who mentions this news item and buys an artist weekend pass good for all the discussion panels and a few seminars will get a free TattooNOW membership until the convention. That way you can get a deep deep discount and upload your work for 10 months and many of the convention attendees will be familiar with your portfolio. Thanks again for all the support!

More fresh Tattoos!

Our artists keep uploading tattoos and original art into the galleries, we are always very happy when we see the new additions. Check em out, and prepare yourself for next year! In the meantime, have a happy holidays.

Laser removal and editing coming to the convention!

Jack from Rethink Your Ink laser tattoo removal and editing will be at the convention next year! Get that old crappy tattoo treated to make for more coverup tattoo options! Ahh, lasering, the proof that your mom was wrong telling you the tattoo would be there forever.

What would tattoo artists like to see?

Hey tattoo artists, before we fill up our seminar and workshop schedule, we figured we ask for feedback about what you would like to see at next years tattoo gathering! If you have any bright ideas for artist seminars or workshops, let us know!

More tattoos and artists

Hey folks, the first round of inviting is done, but we will be adding more custom tattoo artists to the list throughout the rest of the year as logistics work themselves out. We are almost at 2,500 tattoos in the galleries already, and are finalizing some sponsorship packages and deals that are quite exciting too. Two UK Tattoo Magazines, Skin Deep and Total Tattoo, said they will be sending photographers over to this side of the pond, we hope to chat with some domestic tattoo magazines soon too. Ok, gotta get back to work, more soon!

Tattoo Galleries are updating daily!

The tattoos keep updating in the galleries, as does the artist list, tattoo gathering network news, and events list! Bookmark TattooGathering.com and come back often, we promise daily updates from here on out!

More tattoo artists signed up!

Some of the early invites have gone out, the rest are waiting for the registration packet to be finalized (9 pages!). We are very honored to have added some amazing custom tattoo artists to the roster including Mike Dervies, Mike Demasi, Dee Dee Seruga, Nate Beavers, Jeff Ensminger, Thomas Kynst, and Tattoo Andy. We are finilizing some other amazing seminars too, more info on them as things are confirmed! One things for sure, tattoo aritsts will either throw away their machines or get better after attending the Paradise Tattoo Gathering!

Tattoo Seminars confirmed!

We're quite excited to have confirmed a few seminars for the Paradise Tattoo Gathering in western mass next year. Joe Capobianco, Nick Baxter, and Carson Hill will be sending in descriptions and details about their seminars and we will post them on the website as we get them!

Tattoo Gathering Photo Tour!

hey folks, we opened up a photo tour of Jiminy Peak. Check out where the tattoo convention will be held! More photos to come.

First round of tattoo artist invites goes out next week!

Ok, now that the website is up and functioning, we will be sending out invitations starting next week, and expect to keep sending them through summer. Space is very limited, and we expect to open the invite list up to the artists on the waiting list through the year. Thanks to everyone for their patience and understanding!

TattooGathering.com updated!

Hey there tattoo artists and fans! We have updated the Paradise Tattoo Gathering website, but needless to say there is a lot more on the way. Drop us a line on the forum and let us know what you think!

Paradise Tattoo Gathering is a go!

The pre-planning and chit-chatting has come to an end, contracts are signed and checks are in the mail and the Paradise Tattoo Gathering is a go next year. Stay tuned for all the goodies, all we can say for now is that because there are so many conventions we hope to do our best to throw a truly unique tattoo gathering. We have a lot of amazing help onboard, so keep up on the convention website. We hope booth spaces and hotel and condo rooms go quickly!